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Headache During Pregnancy

Welcome! It does not matter whether you are a first time mommy, a second time or tenth time mother because with every pregnancy, you will have to contend with headache during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. Here, we have gone out of our way to not only tell you about pregnancy headaches, but also show you how you can take care of them at home. Is medication good for you? Maybe yes, maybe not! It depends on what you will be taking because whatever gets into the bloodstream of mommy will definitely get to the fetus. And you wondered where bonds between even grown men and their mums come from? It comes from the shared food when they are in the womb.

When you are expecting your bundle of joy, you expectations are very high. However, if you are a first time mommy, you could be in for a letdown in the headaches that you have to endure. However, every mother suffers from headache during pregnancy and therefore you should not be unduly alarmed. It is not a matter of life and death. But that does not mean that you suffer silently. You have to find out what to do.

What is the severity of headache during pregnancy?

This is the most pertinent question that most first time mothers ask. Well, relax. It cannot kill but it can definitely give you sleepless nights, if you let it. The severity could be low, or it could be high. However, if you get splitting headaches that are accompanied by blurry vision and dizziness, well, that is a tad high and you should see a doctor immediately. In fact, it is important to talk to your doctor when you plan to get pregnant so that you can be psychologically prepared for the headaches. That way, they will not catch you unawares and you can be better able to bear the moments. The more you know the better. Once the doctor tells you what to expect, you can know when it is more than that and you can go back to the doctor for checkups.

Were you used to getting headaches before you became pregnant? If yes, you will be surprised to find that they disappear once you conceive…suddenly, life becomes bliss, of course, not counting those crazy cravings for crazy things, even in the middle of the night! But that comes with the turf and maybe it is nature’s way of preparing you on how to deal with touchy teenagers and their tantrums in future.

Identify the root causes of headache during pregnancy

This is paramount because it can help you treat the root causes rather than the symptoms. However, one thing that you need to be assured of is that even if you treat the root causes of the headaches, they will come back again. You see, headache during pregnancy is very normal and there are no two ways about that. They can be a real pain for mommy, but they should not cause you any undue worry. If headache during pregnancy must occur, why then must we talk about treating them? Because for a pregnant woman, what matters at any given moment is their comfort! You see, pregnancy itself is a pain, even without the headaches.

Sinuses can cause headache during pregnancy, same way that they can cause headaches when one is not pregnant. Therefore, you will be seeking relief for sinuses rather than for the headache. Inhaling steam, using humidifiers to increase the moisture content in the air is going to help some, and so is the use of recommended decongestants. You also need to drink hot fluids when you have sinuses. Once the sinuses are gone, the headaches will subside.

Do not cut all of your addictions abruptly. For example, if you were a freak for coffee, you will find it hard in the first few weeks when you suddenly eliminate caffeine from your diet. Be sure to give it some time. Cutting it little by little will do and anyway, coffee never hurt a baby and whether you like it or not, the next drink your baby will know, after breast milk, will most likely be coffee.

Staying on one posture for too long can give you pregnancy headache. Therefore, you will need to change some. Don’t bend too much, not that it will be very comfortable anyway and don’t lean back or stand too long. Give yourself a break. Tell you what … pregnancy is a good excuse to make the husband do all the dirty work around the home. Get back at him, you are special, you are a woman and you are about to see the fruits of your womb.

Keep some snacks close by… in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in your bag…well, anywhere because you will need them to replenish your level of blood sugar. When your blood sugar takes a dip, thanks to the little bugger inside you, you will experience headache during pregnancy.

Can I take medication?

Well, yes, but ONLY with the advice of the doctor. Keep away from the normal painkillers like aspirin and go for acetaminophen, but with the advice of the doctor only. No matter the throb in your temples, keep away from over-the-counter medications for headaches.

Yoga is great for headache relief, but this should not be the active from of yoga. Passive is good enough for you. Another important factor for you to bear in mind is to identify the triggers and keep away from them. Such include smoke, loud noise, too much or too little light, dry air and so forth. Pregnancy is your time to be proud, to make demands, to ask for favors that you will never pay back. You need treatment equal to that of a queen bee. Who knows? Could be you are carrying the future president in your womb now, no?


Headache during pregnancy is very normal. It should not give you the frets at all.

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