Are Headaches a Sign of Pregnancy

Are Headaches a Sign of Pregnancy? Let’s Find Out!…

Pregnancy symptoms are specific to every woman and for each pregnancy. Nevertheless, there are those that are experienced in almost all expectant women such as headaches.

Are headaches a sign of pregnancy

Are headaches a sign of pregnancy? This question baffles both the novice and those who are already in motherhood. This is because not all pregnancies are accompanied by headaches or migraines. Research indicates that some women who have a past record of headaches, their discomfort eased or completely went away after conception. The experts correlate these head pains during this period to the insurgence of pregnancy related hormones.

As the body tries to acclimatize to the changes that come with the sudden hormonal imbalance, it places pressure on the main steer of body functioning; the brain. This eventually causes headaches. Another cause may be the abrupt pressure on the back muscles as the woman’s uterus expands to accommodate the growing fetus. With time, your lower back starts soliciting for support from the muscles on your upper part. This can cause headaches. In addition, the increased blood flow in your body might also cause you some pains either on the sides or on the forehead. However, other lifestyle changes might also cause migraines. If you have a thing for coffee and then all of a sudden you withdrew, a headache is inevitable.

Are headaches a sign of pregnancy? All factors held constant, that is, you are not fatigued or stressed up among other things that trigger migraines but you have a grueling headache. Could this imply that you are pregnant?

What is the relationship between headaches and pregnancy hormones?

Immediately after conception, hCG hormone increases in your body system. It is the compound that a pregnancy test kit detects when you take your urine to the doctor for testing.  On the other hand, estrogen paves way for progesterone. These two hormones are known for causing some of the early symptoms of pregnancy. You will find that you have frequent urges to visit the toilet. This is as a result of the increase of blood flow in the pelvis, which in turn pushes the bladder.  If you fail to drink enough water to top up the body fluids, you might encounter dehydration, which is a cause of headaches. As blood circulation is increased a lot of pressure is placed on your brain which eventually translates to a headache or migraines. In addition, progesterone causes fatigue and this might put pressure on your brain, if you fail to relax adequately.

How soon do pregnancy headaches start?

Not every pregnant woman will experience headaches or migraines during pregnancy. However, a substantial percentage will, either in the first trimester or in the last trimester. The onset of pregnancy headaches or migraines differs across women. Some will experience throbbing pain in their heads as soon as the fertilized egg attaches itself on the uterus walls. That is when the hCG levels start to shoot. Are headaches a sign of pregnancy? Of course, they are but it is still crucial to consult your doctor so that they can confirm if at all you are pregnant. You never know but the headaches could be an indication of some other serious ailment. Even when you test positive, you will require some remedies for the migraines. It is best if your health care provider finds a healthy and safe solution for the headaches, since they might be your close companion for the rest of the pregnancy.

What are the main treatment options for headaches during pregnancy?

Medical experts always advise pregnant women against most over the counter drugs.  This is because some of them have compounds that can be harmful to the fetus. Unless, you are a health specialist, you would not know what exactly works for you. That is why, you need to visit your doctor.

Treatment options for pregnancy headaches are in three categories namely:

  • Preventive measures- Some headaches can be prevented and especially those caused by tension as one tries to come to terms with pregnancy. This mostly happens with young mothers. Some of the remedies include; getting enough sleep, resting adequately, exercising regularly and eating healthy.
  • Those arising from hormones are not preventable but they can be treated. There are safe treatment plans that include ensuring that you are always hydrated, placing a cool compress on your forehead or having a cold shower. You can also take painkillers but before you slide any of them down your throat consult a health specialist. Aspirin and ibuprofen, which are some of most common pain relievers, are not allowed during pregnancy. The only drug that is approved by the medical practitioners is acetaminophen.

Are headaches a sign of pregnancy is a question that bothers many women. Some do not understand how their hormonal changes bring about headaches. Usually pregnancy migraines are a bit different from casual head pains that one gets during other times. They are severe and will not go away. Nevertheless, you can still reduce their occurrence and their severity by applying some of the above remedies. Most importantly, always resort to medication when all the other things have failed. Remember to seek your doctor’s help on the same.

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