Are Headaches a Sign of Pregnancy? Causes during First Trimester

Are headaches a sign of pregnancy? This question can have two answers yes and no. Nevertheless, in most cases if they arise in women who have hit a childbearing age, they

Are headaches a sign pregnancy

may signal a baby on the way. Of course, they might be indications of other ailments. Pregnancy headaches are quite specific. They are more painful and their frequency is alarming. You will certainly note the difference between them and any other migraines or head pains that you have encountered in the past. Furthermore, if you have an active sexual life, you will need to take HCG test so as to establish whether you are pregnant.

Headaches are a part and parcel of women. They are bound to happen during or before menstruation, in pregnancy and menopause. It seems that as a woman head pains will be an unwanted companion for the better part of your life. However, not all women go through these challenges. For a certain percentage they varnish during pregnancy. Others experience them more often and with an increasing intensity. What really causes these headaches and are headaches a sign of pregnancy? Let us find out together.

Are headaches a sign of pregnancy?

What brings about headaches when pregnant?

Immediately, the egg gets fertilized, some feminine hormones start being produced in high concentration. The hormones include progesterone and HCG. Those who have made it in the medical research field, say that the hormones are responsible for most symptoms that are experienced during the first trimester. Headaches are one of the signs that come soon after conception. As the body tries to acclimatize to the hormonal imbalance, the pressure becomes too much for the brain to handle. Eventually, you experience regular and intense headaches.

In addition, to nourish the growing fetus, your blood circulation takes a dramatic change. Your blood flow gets high, which puts more strain onto your head.  This is what causes migraines or headaches during early pregnancy. Also, as the blood flow increases around the pelvic region, the bladder is pushed down to give way to the expanding uterus. You will feel that there is increased need to pee, which usually leads to dehydration. If you fail to compensate this by taking more fluids, you will experience headaches. Another thing that has been associated with these discomforts is low blood sugar, which is caused by hunger. Lastly, due to the hormones, your sense of smell will rise and this is another popular trigger for headaches at the early stages of pregnancy.

How do you take care of headaches?

Are headaches a sign of pregnancy? That is not a bothering question anymore. You already took that test and now you are aware that the pains are here to stay. Nevertheless, you cannot stay in pain at a time that you are supposed to be happy for your good and that of the child. Certainly, you can find relief but not on your own. Unless, you are applying natural remedies or restructuring your life to get rid of or reduce headaches, any medication should be used only under the prescription of a qualified health specialist.

First, it is good to come up with a diary to fill in some specific details about any headache encounter. Even if you go to the doctor, most of the times they will depend on what you will feed them with about your illness. This is because when you are pregnant, some diagnostic techniques such as radiology and CT scanning are not allowed. You can make your physician’s work easier by coming up with a helpful template full of information about your illness. So, what should you include in your headache diary;

  1. List all the headache encounters that you have had.
  2. Note down how you felt. Were they severe or mild?
  3. How often do they occur? Also, remember to write about when you often experience. Do they come in between meals, while in a stuffy environment, or in a noisy room? Put all that down even the finest of details. You never know they might be important.
  4. In addition, jot down what accompanies the migraines or headaches. Do you vomit; have speech problems, vision impairment and such like?

To find a solution for any illness, there is always a need to establish the real cause, after all you can hardly treat what you do not know. A headache diary is a necessity rather than a choice. It is not only for the doctor’s use but also for yours. With the information, you can avoid things or places that will trigger headaches. Some head pains can be prevented in particular those of which arising from fatigue, stress and lack of sleep among others. Also, you can comfortably choose the best safe natural remedy for the type of headaches you have. For instance, tension headaches will go away effortlessly with a touch of cold or hot compresses.

Are headaches a sign pregnancy? By now you are really convinced, but still you need to head to the hospital if they get out of hand or when you the natural remedies fail to work. Let your doctor tailor for you the best medication, one that will not ruin the joy that you are expecting.

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