Are Headaches A Sign of Pregnancy? How to prevent and Treat them

Are headaches a sign of pregnancy? You have an active sexual life or you just accidentally made out with your partner without protection. It might have been on your

Are headaches a sign of pregnancy

unsafe period. Therefore, you already know that something might crop up. Nevertheless, you have not given it much thought. For a week or so, you have experienced some throbbing headaches that you have never encountered before. You really do not want to agree that it happened, the worst if it was unplanned or the best if you have been waiting for a time to hold your own baby. Now how do you know that the headaches are because of conception?

Hormones guide a woman’s reproductive cycle. It is not unusual for them to experience headaches during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Hence, if you are a mature woman and by this, I mean that you have hit puberty, these things are common. You just had your menses a week ago and you are far from menopause. If headaches have become the order of the day and their intensity seems to be increasing, you might be pregnant. After conception, a sudden surge of hormones occurs. This leads to the abrupt change of body functioning which eventually strains the head.  Increased blood flow, is another popular culprit for pregnancy headaches.  Now that the headaches are usual, is there something you can do to reduce or get rid of them?

Preventive measures for pregnancy headaches

Prevention is always better than cure. Hormonal headaches will linger for the better part of your pregnancy so the question, are headaches a sign of pregnancy can have a positive answer. However, there are factors that catalyze the overall effect of the headaches and even increase their frequency.

Here are ways to prevent headaches during pregnancy:

  1. Fatigue is a cause of headaches in pregnant women. You should avoid carrying out any strenuous activities.
  2. Your appetite might have gone down or you are used to skipping meals. It is necessary to ensure that you are properly fed during this period. Ideally, expectant woman should take small amounts of food throughout the day. In between meals, make sure that you keep some healthy snacks within your reach.
  3. Dehydration is another cause of migraines when one is pregnant. Always try to drink more water among other fluids such as soups. You will be losing a lot of water through urination as your body prepares to house the fetus. Eight glasses is what the health experts recommend daily for adults but you might have to take more than that.
  4. Exercise can reduce headaches, which are because of tension or stress. Research about the best exercises for pregnant women and implement them regularly. When your body is relaxed, headaches will find it hard to engulf you.
  5. Sleeping adequately. Are headaches a sign of pregnancy? Insomnia is among the very first symptoms of pregnancy. The condition is attributed to the hormones, which are produced during this time.  Of course, you might not be getting any sleep at night but try to get some during the day.
  6. Avoid headache triggers. Some of the most known triggers include chocolate, cured meat, foods preserved with monosodium glutamate and aged cheese among others.

When you have headaches, it is important to know what to do. Pregnancy is a very trying time for many women and even those who have been on that road are often anxious. This is because each pregnant comes with its distinct package of symptoms. Most drugs are not recommended. Instead, you have to consult your doctor before embarking on any treatment plan.

What are the safest remedies for headaches during pregnancy?

  • Cold or hot compresses on the neck or face – Tension headaches are best treated with this method. It is safe and easy to apply. If you are at home, you can keep a flannel ready in case you encounter a headache.
  • Taking a warm shower will help a great deal. It will relax the muscles and reduce any tension that could be built up in them.
  • Rest in a dark quiet room – If you are experiencing migraines, a change of environment will help. Get into a room that has minimal light and relax. You might also consider doing yoga or deep breathing.
  • Paracetamol is considered harmless but do not abuse it. The least your unborn child is an influx of chemicals. Depending on the nature of your headaches, your doctor may prescribe acetaminophen for you.  However, any box of ibuprofen or aspirin that is in your medicine cabinet will be of no use during pregnancy. They are said to have compounds that might harm the growing fetus.

Are headaches a sign of pregnancy? The information above affirms that they are one of the symptoms of pregnancy. However, one still needs to go for a test to confirm that they are actually expecting a baby. This will enable them to get the best and healthy treatment option for the migraines or headaches.

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