Bad headache during pregnancy

What Triggers Bad Headache during Pregnancy?

If the question is – how many women suffer from headache during pregnancy? Well, definitely the answer will come that 9 out of 10 suffer from such nuisances during their pregnancy. Mild or subtle headache is a common phenomenon, though bad headache Triggers Bad Headache during Pregnancyduring pregnancy is definitely a matter of grave concern. When headache becomes severe, effective medications are required. In that case, one must choose to consult a doctor for solutions. Physicians often suggest naturopathy solutions in most of the cases, as consuming drugs during pregnancy can lead to fatal results. Before going to medications, one must understand the fundamental causes behind headache during pregnancy, knowing the fundamental causes will help to combat the disease or disorder quite effectively.

Headache Due to Migraine

During pregnancy, severe headache or head pain can occur due to the results of migraine. If you have migraine problems even before your pregnancy, you will be surprised to know that you will get some relief from that during your pregnancy. For those, who do not have migraine problems, headache during pregnancy due to migraine can happen, especially during the first 2-3 month of pregnancy. Bad headache during pregnancy is generally encountered due to migraine. Migraine pains are distinguishable pains, as in this case a specific end of head pains. Sometimes even pain behind the eyes can also be experienced or observed.

Headache due to Sinusitis

If you are facing chronic headache problems during your pregnancy, sinus must be one of the root causes. Sinus headache has been recognized as bad headache during pregnancy as due to this one may undergo severe physical traumatic experiences. Furthermore, sinus headache can cause a lot of uneasy feeling, like head swirling, vomiting tendencies, pain behind the eyes, etc. Sinus headaches take place basically due to the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy. The hormonal changes at the initial stages of pregnancy are highly intensified. This is the reasons why most of the women are vulnerable to it. Due to hormonal changes, blood pressure level increases and that eventually results in blockage of the sinus ducts. The immediate effect of sinus headache during pregnancy has increased blood pressure on the face area. Due to this increased blood pressure level, different kinds of uneasy feeling and strong or intensified headache has been experienced.

Headache due to sinusitis may get triggered due to various reasons and here are some of the reasons:

  • Cough and Cold – If you do not stay careful during your pregnancy and get prone to common cough and cold, sinus headache or bad headache during pregnancy is an obvious physical condition that you will have to undergo.
  • Stressful mind and body – During pregnancy, complete rests have been suggested. Not just physical rest, but the mental rest is important and for that you must keep yourself calm as well as composed. Losing composure may create mental stress and that can significantly trigger sinus headache.
  • Dehydration – Drinking lesser water can also trigger headache due to sinus. Drinking ample of water help to keep our body temperature under control. It also normalizes the blood pressure level in our body. If your blood pressure level stays natural or normal, you can consider yourself protected from the fatal effects of sinus headache.
  • Lack of Proper Rest – Sleeping is important as during the sleep, metabolic rate increases and that keeps our body stable as well as energetic. If you do not take ample of rests, you will surely fall as a victim of the bad headache during pregnancy.
  • Proper Diets – During pregnancy, maintaining diets is more than more important than anything else. Follow your diet chart religiously so that you do not have to undergo any sorts of digestive disorders. Failing to maintain proper diets surely increases the chances of headache during pregnancy due to sinus problems.

What Are the Treatment Options?

Sinusitis headache treatment in normal cases and sinusitis headache treatment during pregnancy are vastly different from each others. The normal medicines for sinus headache are not recommended to the pregnant women. Actually, in the case of normal medications, it has been observed that risks for miscarriage or birth defects increases. This is why it is important to opt for something safe which would not cause any damages to both mother and baby.

Generally, doctors suggest to opt for naturopathic treatments as they are not harmful, featuring zero side effects. However, from naturopathic medications, instant results cannot be expected. They are practiced mainly for prevention of bad headache during pregnancy, not to cure it. For instant pain relief, 4000 Mg Tylenol (acetaminophen) is considered to be the safest. The dose is important here – it should be 4000 Mg or lesser than that. Overdose can lead to different fatal results, thus one should be very careful while consuming such drugs. For instant relief, some homeopathic medicines are also there, and through studies it has been found that these medicines do work. However, there is no surety about safety of such medicines. Some researchers or experts have opined that due to overdose of homeopathic medicines, the baby tends to have an improper IQ level, compared to the normal babies.

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