What Causes Headaches during Pregnancy- Strange Symptoms

What Causes Headaches during Pregnancy- Strange SymptomsExperiencing a headache occasionally when you are pregnant is not really breaking news and as much as medics have expounded what causes headaches during pregnancy repeatedly, headaches should not be a stress factor. It is however advised that if your headache persists past the first trimester, you should see your doctor as soon as possible, as this could be more serious.

What Causes Headaches during Pregnancy- Strange Symptoms!

Sometimes, headaches during pregnancy are accompanied by strange symptoms such as dizziness. A number of causes such as blood circulation, low sugar levels, hunger, fatigue, stress and ectopic pregnancy can cause dizziness. It is therefore important to engage your doctor once you experience these signs and symptoms. Alternatively, you could keep a journal where you record every step of the way. Feel free to share the journal with your physician and share your medical background and any previous ectopic pregnancies.

Home remedies to counter headaches and migraines

Intense headaches during pregnancy can sometimes escalate to migraines. If you experience a mild headache during the first trimester, you do not necessarily need to rush to the doctor. Thankfully, there are a number of home remedies that could be applied and have the headache cool off. For instance:

  • In cases of sinus headaches, you could press a cold cloth on the forehead area as you lie down calmly in a quiet room.
  • Tension headaches can be relieved by rubbing the head gently and keeping off noisy environments for a while.
  • Enroll in yoga class and engage in relaxation exercises. This can be a therapeutic session and can work wonders for you.
  • Engage in healthy diets and keep off caffeine and fizzy drinks
  • Have plenty of sleep and rest
  • Avoid pain relievers unless directed by your physician and in this case, always observe the dosage.
  • Always keep a stock of healthy snacks at all times because hunger pangs are associated with what causes headaches during pregnancy.
  • Avoid excess lighting systems such as the fluorescent bulbs

 Medical terms that define what causes headaches during pregnancy

When paying your physician a visit, you might come across a number of medical jargons and terminologies that address what causes headaches during pregnancy. These jargons and terminologies might prove to be intimidating but not anymore. Here are a few of the most common ones;

  1. Abortive medication – This term is used to refer to prevention of headaches and other symptoms such as blurred vision, nausea bouts. Abortive medication is ideal during the first trimester and is very effective in stopping headaches and migraines.
  2. Acupuncture – This is a traditional Chinese craft that integrates various procedures that revive various parts of the body in a bid to relieve headaches. This procedure is usually carried out using fine and sturdy needles and many other techniques that make the body resistant to certain illnesses such as headaches through perfect energy balance. In addition, this technique ensures that the body releases certain chemicals that dramatically reduce strenuous sensations.
  3. Acute headaches – This term is common when addressing what causes headaches during pregnancy. It is therefore used to refer headaches that are mild and subside after a while. These headaches are common during pregnancy and are precipitated by a fever, colds and illnesses. Usually is fast and come without warning.
  4. Epinephrine is a condition where your body is under siege and vulnerable, it releases the adrenal gland, which in turn stabilizes your immune system. Once the blood flows to the muscles, the mind is alerted, ready to counter any looming emergency. This decreases headaches during pregnancy. In addition, epinephrine acts as the brain chemical messenger.
  5. Analgesic – This is a term used by physicians to mean medication that relieves headaches during pregnancy.
  6. Aura – This is a headache symptom that escalates into a migraine at one point. This condition is very common during pregnancy and it is characterized by various symptoms such as blurred vision, nausea, and slurred speech in some instances, fainting, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and loud noise. Thankfully, this condition lasts only a few minutes and it is treatable.
  7. Biofeedback – This is a technique used to aid a victim in learning how to counter stress by understanding their heart rate, tension of the muscle as well as relaxation attempts. Once the body is relaxed, physical pain including headaches and migraines tend to disappear. Pregnant women are encouraged to use this technique at all times.
  8. Antidepressants – This term is used by medics to describe primary medication used to counter depression, which happens to be the main culprit as far as triggering headaches during pregnancy is concerned.
  9. Antimetics – This is used to refer to a classification of medicines that physicians use to administer to pregnant women who have cases of nausea and vomiting especially during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  10. Bruit – This is a medical term used to refer to the noise detected when the physician is testing the flow of blood. Bruit can only be heard with the aid of a stethoscope in a bid to counter what causes headaches during pregnancy.

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