What Causes Headaches during Pregnancy?

Headaches during PregnancyPregnancy can be a headache in the literal sense but what causes headaches during pregnancy is a question and concern that has raised various debates among experts. Some claim that headaches during pregnancies are caused by hormonal changes and blood circulation. Others claim that headaches during pregnancy are caused by the anxiety and anticipation of a newborn. Both arguments are correct and valid. Apart from anxiety and hormone change, a few other factors can be claimed for what causes headaches during pregnancy. These factors include;

What Causes Headaches during Pregnancy?

  • Poor diet
  • Dehydration
  • Stress
  • Poor sitting posture
  • Strenuous eyesight
  • Noise pollution
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Poor ventilation
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Tension
  • Head injury
  • Low blood sugar
  • Insufficient sleep hours
  • Low blood sugar

Pregnancy fatigue and tension are also some of the answers as to the question what causes headaches during pregnancy. If you have had a perennial history of headaches, you have a higher chance of experiencing headaches during pregnancy. This should not be anything to worry about especially during the first trimester. If the headache persists way past the first trimester, talk to your doctor about it.

Sex fixes what causes headaches during pregnancy

Experts advise pregnant women to engage in loads of sex and before you know it, the question what causes headaches during pregnancy will not be worth your attention anymore. Neurologists argue that sex during pregnancy can cure headaches faster than pain relievers. In fact, research indicates that one in five pregnant women have relief of headaches after sex. Actually, some pregnant women admitted to using sex as a therapeutic solution to nagging headaches and migraines especially during the first trimester.

So how does sex cure a headache? You might ask. During sex, chemicals known as endorphins are released and they are very proactive in countering headaches and migraines in pregnant women. Endorphins are also known as natural pain relievers and are released into the CNS, which in turn eliminates the headache.

Certain foods associated with what causes headaches during pregnancy

According to the expert, some foods have been linked to what causes headaches during pregnancy. For instance, restrictive foods have been known to trigger headaches during pregnancy. So how can a pregnant woman tell foods that trigger headaches? Simple. Experts say that foods that trigger headaches get into action in a span of about 12 to 24 hours.

Once you notice that a certain food is likely to trigger a headache, it is important to avoid that type of food for at least a month if not at all costs. However, if the headache persists, then the food might not be independently to blame.

Caffeine has been notoriously linked to triggers of headache among pregnant women. Some women are addicted to caffeine and prompt withdrawal can cause headaches and migraines in some serious instances. If you intend to get over coffee addiction, cut it loose slowly by reducing the intake bit by bit.

Myths about what causes headache during pregnancy busted

There are many myths that revolve around the question what causes headache during pregnancy. Some of these myths are shocking while others are downright hilarious. Some women seem to take these myths at face value.

  1. The most common myth … Headache during pregnancy can affect the fetus – This is a ridiculous myth that should be dismissed with immediate effect. As much as some children can inherit headaches from their parents, it is not true that the fetus suffers from a headache every time the mother has a headache.
  2. It is not a headache until you have blurred vision – It is true that most headaches are characterized by flashing lights and blurred visions. These headaches are symptoms of aura migraines. However, this myth does not hold any water because headache symptoms vary from one pregnancy to another. If you have a headache, you do not have to rely on other symptoms to know that it is actually a headache.
  3. Headaches in pregnant women spell doom – Nothing could be further from the truth. Majority of the women suffer from headaches during the first trimester and the headache tends to disappear after the initial stages of pregnancy. This should be no cause for alarm unless the headache escalates in the advanced stages of pregnancy.
  4. Headaches are just a common hallucination among pregnant women – This has to be the most ridiculous myth among them all. Studies reveal that 89% of pregnant suffer from headaches mostly during the first trimester. In some instances, the head escalates into other trimesters.

These headaches are caused by hormonal change among many other factors. As much as headaches in pregnant women should not be a cause for alarm, experts say that once the headaches escalate past the first semester, women should seek medical help. That said; experts have established that there are many reasons for what causes headache during pregnancy.

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