Constant Headache during Pregnancy

Constant Headache during Pregnancy

Reasons behind Constant Headache during Pregnancy and Things to Do When It Strikes

Constant Headache during Pregnancy Being pregnant is challenging for both mentally and physically. During this course of time, a lot of physical challenges have been undergone by every woman. Uneasy feelings, vomiting tendencies, stress and headaches are some of the common things that occur naturally during pregnancy. Amongst these physical disorders, headache is considered to be one of the most daunting challenges to face. Almost 95% pregnant women suffer from mild or severe and constant or occasional headache attacks. Amongst different sorts of headache experiences, constant headache during pregnancy is considered to be the most alarming. Serious healing as well as protection measures is required in such cases.

Headache due to Migraine or Sinusitis

Luckily, in some of the cases, it has been surprisingly noticed that those, who have migraine or sinusitis problems, suffer from lesser migraine or sinusitis headache attacks during their pregnancy. However, everyone is not as lucky as that. Due to sinusitis, chronic headache happens to a lot of pregnant women. It is quite unlikely to experience chronic headache due to migraine. Thus, behind constant headache during pregnancy sinusitis has been considered as one of the main root causes. However, apart from that, several other factors are there, which are contributing reasons behind constant headache during pregnancy.

Stress and Anxieties

During pregnancy, a lot of physical changes take place in our body. Most of the changes are hormonal changes and due to that physical fatigue occurs naturally. Along with physical fatigue, if there is mental disturbance, then fatal results may occur. Too much anxiety or tension during pregnancy leads to the constant headache during pregnancy. This is why doctors often suggest the ‘to be a mother’ to stay happy and cheerful. If that does not happen, a stressful body, coupled with stressful mind, leads to greater physical challenges. Through the research of different legitimate health institutions of the USA, it has been found that in 70 to 75 percent cases, pregnant women undergo chronic headache due to stress, hypertension and anxieties.

Lack of Adequate Rest

During pregnancy, adequate rests should be taken otherwise, physical fatigue can go up to an alarming high. When physical fatigue increases to a high level, chronic headache can be experienced. Lack of adequate sleep or rests from last 3-4 days would lead to a constant headache problem for a prolonged time span. However, constant headache due to this reason can be managed easily by opting for adequate rests. Sound sleep and adequate rest would give you the much needed relief from such constant headache during pregnancy. Also, maintaining proper sleeping time during pregnancy is important. If the schedule has not been maintained properly, chances of headache increase. Skipping sleeping or resting schedule constantly can result into constant headache.

Improper Diet or Malnutrition or Digestive Disorders

Maintaining a proper diet is important during pregnancy and if failing to do that would lead to some severe health complications. Indigestion is an aftermath of improper diet and due to that headaches are common. However, in such cases, constant headache has not been reported or observed, though constant digestion errors can certainly lead to constant headache cases. Another prominent reason behind constant headache during pregnancy is malnutrition. For proper nutrition and perfect diets, it is good to listen to a specialist doctor. Follow proper eating schedules, opt for healthy meals and avoid too much spiced up foods during your pregnancy to stay away from the head pain problems.

Inadequate Drinking of Water

Drinking water is the most important thing during pregnancy, as during this time, body needs a lot of water to perform internally. Not drinking adequate water or dehydration can lead to several body complications and amongst those, occurrence of headache is a common phenomena. Drinking at least one glass of water in every one or two hours is important, along with ample of rests. The more your body will stay hydrated; you will be away from the common sicknesses during pregnancy, especially from headache problems.

Do’s and Don’ts, When Headache Strikes

If you are suffering from constant headache problems in your pregnancy, you must keep a few things in the minds. There are some do’s and don’ts listed below, which will help you to recover fast from constant headache during pregnancy.


  • Take a lot of rest – make a schedule for sleeping and follow that religiously
  • Drink a lot of water
  • When headache becomes severe, confine yourself in a dark room
  • Get rid of anxieties – stay cheerful
  • Regular head massaging can cure constant headache
  • Proper diet and balanced foods will surely help to get rid of constant headache during pregnancy


  • Do not go for any medications without consulting your doctor
  • Do not consume painkillers for pain relief as generally it leads to severe complications during pregnancy
  • Strictly, do not consume aspirin or disprin to cure headache

Following the advice of the doctor is the key to staying healthy during pregnancy. There is nothing to worry if constant headache strikes. Rather than being nervous and too much worried, contact your doctor immediately for a checkup. A doctor can advise your correctly and can accurately diagnose the root cause behind constant head pain during your pregnancy.

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