Cures for a Headache without Using Medication

Having a headache can disrupt your otherwise good day. The common thing that most

cures for a headache

people do is to reach out for over the counter painkillers as cures for a headache to relieve the pain. In as much as they relieve the pain, the painkillers have some drawbacks. For instance, if you take a particular painkiller for a while, your body may end up getting used to it and become resistant. You may end up having to take a higher dose for the medication to be effective.

The best option is to try to manage the headache without using the medication. There are various cures for a headache, which will not require you to use over the counter medication. These will ensure that your pain is taken care of with minimum side effects. You will also be focused with the cause of your headache, something that you may not have done had you just popped a pill.

The cures for a headache are:


Sometimes the headaches occur due to stresses of life. When the body and the mind are overworked, the muscles tense especially on the shoulders and the neck and it ends up causing a headache. By taking time to relax, you not only prevent a headache but also reduce the pain caused by the headache. Below are some ways that you can use to relax as cures for a headache.

  • Breathing right lack of enough oxygen can cause you to have a headache. By taking deep breaths that start from the diaphragm, it allows you to take in enough oxygen for the body.
  • Doing stretching exercises– exercises such as yoga help to stretch muscles, resulting to relaxed muscles. This reduces the occurrence of headaches, which would have been caused by tension.
  • Take a break and spend some alone time. This should be in a quiet place where there is no disturbance. You can lie down and relax as you focus on your breathing. If you can get some sleep, the better as by the time you wake up, the headache may have reduced or gone all together.

Ensure that the place you are resting is comfortable; the lighting is moderate since bright light can make the headache worse. The temperature should also be suitable for you, you may prefer to be in a cold or hot room.

Using food remedies

There are some remedies that are taken as food or supplements, which are also cures for a headache. Some of these are:

  • Fish oil

The omega 3 fatty acids are good at preventing headaches and it forms one of the cures for a headache. Taking fish oil can therefore reduce the occurrence of headaches and migraines. It also reduces inflammation, helps to lower blood pressure, and steadies the rhythm of the heart. All these help to reduce headaches.

  • Take ginger

Ginger is known to ease many illnesses and one of them is cures for a headache if taken in form of ginger root. It works by inhibiting the process of making of lipids, which cause inflammation and pain. This prevents headaches from occurring and if you already have it, to ease the pain. You can also use it if you are suffering from a migraine to reduce the feeling of nausea. It is prepared by taking a few slices of the root and putting them in a cup of hot water. You should then sip the mixture to get the desired results.

  • Use butterbur

This plant has been in use for a long time as cures for a headache and for preventing migraines. It is also known to reduce inflammation. Its root is the most effective since it contains more of the needed chemicals .The plant works by controlling blood pressure or the spasmodic capillary action that is a major cause for migraines and therefore preventing them from occurring.

You do not have to go through the stress of crushing it since you can get it in tablet form in the recommended dosage. It is advisable to consult with your health care provider before using it as a cure for migraines.

Use a cold compress

If the headache is on your temples or sinuses, you can reduce its impact by placing a cold cloth on your forehead. This will help to constrict the blood vessels and consequently reduce the pain.

Watch your posture

The posture that you sit in can be a cause of headache. Sitting in a slouching position, slumping, or hunching forward can lead to strained muscles which results to headaches causes by tension. You can prevent the headache by sitting properly using the correct posture. You can use an ergonomic chair if you are required to sit a lot. Sit in tall and relaxed position by putting your shoulders back, open chest and without sticking your neck forward. By doing this, you will prevent a headache which would have been caused by tension on your muscles due to straining. Proper posture is one of the cures for a headache.

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