Cures for a Headache Based On the Type of the Headache

cures for a headache

Sometimes you may have a headache on a particular side of the head such as the forehead and the other times on the middle of the head. This is because there are different types of headaches. Each should be treated using a different method suitable with it since there are many cures for a headache.

 Types of headaches and their cure

 Tension headache

This is the common type of headache and it caused by physical and emotional stress, anxiety and having your jaw clenched. It is formed due to contraction of muscles. If you have it, you will feel as if you have a band behind your eyes and on the forehead. You will feel like there is pressure on the sides of your head or the back. In spite of this, you can feel the pain anywhere in your head. The headache tends to be dull and can recur if the cause is ignored. You may also be feeling unwell and nauseous especially if you are suffering from depression.

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The first thing you should do with this type of headache is to find out its cause before you use any cures for a headache. It could be physical stress due to your posture or emotional stress. Ease the cause to reduce the headaches.

There are also other cures for a headache such as taking painkillers and enough rest. Natural remedies such as eating almonds, applying peppermint oil on your forehead and temples and taking gingerroot can help ease the pain.

Headaches due to problems in other parts of the body

You may have had a cold, which led you to have a headache. This is because a headache can be a sign of a problem on other parts of your body. Other causes may include having a fever, hunger, straining the eyes, strained muscles and a virus infection among others.

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The best thing is to deal with the cause of the headache for treatment to be effective. You should not rush to other cures for a headache without knowing the cause. If for instance you are suffering from a headache due to strained muscles, relaxing the muscles could ease the pain.


These are headaches characterized by throbbing pain, nausea and vomiting. One also experiences sight problems such as seeing stars and blurred vision. Some of the causes of migraines are food reactions, hormonal changes, being involved in an accident and even genetic inheritance. Change may also trigger the migraines and so would some food such as almonds. They are more common in women than in men.

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You can prevent a migraine by avoiding the trigger factors like food and change. For instance, if the migraine is triggered by a change such as in sleeping pattern, then avoid changing the time you sleep or wake up.

There are also other cures for a headache, for instance, you may also use some natural remedies such as feverfew flowers. These work by constricting the blood vessels, which may have expanded exerting pressure on the nerves leading to the pain. With the pressure on the nerves reduced, the migraine subsides.

Allergy headache

Substances and foods that one may be allergic to, cause the headache. It comes with symptoms such as running nose and watery eyes.

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Use of antihistamines can reduce the pain since it deals with the trigger of the allergy. There are also other cures for a headache such as avoiding the allergy trigger.

Medication overuse headache (MOH)

Also known as rebound headache, it is caused by the overuse of medication. If you had been taking the pain killing medication for long, you may develop a headache. The headache has similar symptoms with those of tension headache with the feeling of band behind the eyes and across the forehead.

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You will need to stop using the medication so that the headache can stop, although it may take some time. This may require the assistance of a health care provider who can give you alternatives to the drugs. This will help you until the drug is out of your body.

Hangover headache

It is caused by consumption of alcohol. It comes as a throbbing pain, feeling nauseated and unwell.

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One of the cures for a headache is taking plenty of water. This should rehydrate you to take care of the headache. Avoiding alcohol or ensuring that you are well hydrated before you take alcohol can reduce the occurrence of the headaches.

Cluster headache

This is involves feeling of pain around the eye area. You may feel pain on one side with drooping eyelids, watery eyes and discharge from the nose. The headaches are short lived but very painful and therefore they are called suicide headaches. Some of the causes are taking of alcohol and smoking cigarettes, being in high altitudes and eating foods that trigger them.

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The cures for a headache are by the use of drugs. The use of cayenne pepper can also reduce the pain.

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