How to Get Rid Of Pregnancy Headaches without Medication


Pregnancy headaches

Pregnancy headaches are mostly common during the first three months of pregnancy also known as the first trimester. The reasons for having a headache during pregnancy are numerous. They include a wrong fitting bra, dehydration, lack of sufficient sleep, stress, hormonal changes among others. Headaches in the later trimester are not common and may be an indicator of serious problems so make sure to visit a doctor in case you get pregnancy headaches during this period.

During pregnancy, one should not self-medicate. The temptation of swallowing a painkiller when one gets pregnancy headaches is common. One should try to resist this temptation. The following alternatives should be considered when experiencing headaches as a substitute for medication.

Pregnancy Headaches without Medication?

  1.  Ensure you get enough rest

The primary cause of Pregnancy headachesis fatigue. During this time pregnant women endeavor to carry out their schedules as normal but their body cannot handle it. Make sure you get an early night if you do not have flexible working schedules. You may also want to change your routine, do something lighter. Take a walk in the evenings or morning to get plenty of fresh

  1. Watch what you eat.

Sometimes the nausea and vomiting may get a toll on you, but this should not deter you from eating healthy. Studies have revealed that that a good diet composed of organic food and a balanced diet may help reduce or eliminate pregnancy headaches. In addition to eating healthy, go for small meal portions throughout the day instead of three large meals. This helps to ensure you maintain a constant blood level throughout the day.

  1.  Aromatherapy

You are advised to consult with your physician if you choose to use aromatherapy especially in the first trimester. This therapy is not only effective against pregnancy headaches, but very calming in the process. You can use the essential oils like lavender as a rub where you put apply it on a tissue and rub your forehead, or you can put drops of peppermint or lavender on a tissue and inhale it.

  1. Reflexology

It is a type of massage for the feet. It is normally to treat minor pregnancy headaches. The assumption is that the big toes of your feet correspond to the areas of your head and neck and massaging the big toe addresses the areas of your head that correspond to your feet.

  1. Regular massage

A good message is always a remedy for pregnancy headaches.Once a week or in two weeks you can opt for a full body massage to help you relax. The tension of the body will be eased and give you significant relief from pregnancy headaches.

  1. Shower with cold water

Although not advised, showering with cold water can help do away with pregnancy headaches instantaneously. Showering while massaging your head with your hair will give you significant relief.

  1. Using a towel for hot press or cold press

This traditional method still works to date and can be used safely while experiencing pregnancy headaches. You do not need a physician to recommend this method and it works reliving you of pain. All you need to do is take a towel dip it in hot water or cold water and place it on your forehead for a few minutes. The hot therapy relaxes the muscles and the cold therapy has a numbing effect to the nerves on the neck and stops them sending a pain message to the brain thus relieving the headache.

  1. Exercise

There are various exercises out there suitable for pregnant women. These exercises will ensure blood circulation throughout the body and relieve you of pregnancy headaches as well as prevent one from occurring constantly. Meditations and yoga are highly recommended as well. Make sure though that your yoga instructor is familiar with exercises for pregnant women.

  1. Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a type of alternative treatment that ensures the well-being of the body muscles, tissue, bones, and ligaments. Many of the pregnancy headaches in the first trimester are caused by poor posture and wrong fitting bra size, which are related with bones, ligaments and tissue. This treatment, which corrects involves the use of this organs and tissue to get the desired results is suitable during this period and will help you get relief instantly.

10. Visiting a chiropractor

If the headaches are severe, you may want to see a chiropractor. The chiropractic practice involves manipulating pressure points that cause headaches. While this is an effective and alternative for relieving pregnancy headaches, caution is required. This is because there are some pressure points when triggered can cause you to go into labor or miscarry. Points like shoulders, the base of the skull, beneath the wrist, between your thumb and pointer finger when triggered can cause you to have uterine contractions.

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