How to Handle Severe Headaches during Pregnancy

Severe Headaches during PregnancySevere headaches during pregnancy are a common experience for many women. Usually, they come during the first trimester and for some people, they can continue all the way to the end of the pregnancy. However, in some women they subside as the pregnancy progresses. Although, most pregnancy headaches are benign and therefore harmless, those that are severe require special attention. This is for the good of the expectant mother and that of their child. There are several types of headaches that arise during pregnancy. Research shows that 90% of all head discomforts fall under migraines and tension headaches. Each type of headache has a specific remedy. Hence, it is crucial to get the real cause of your headaches.

If you are expecting your bundle of joy, you certainly do not need to endure severe headaches during pregnancy. You can ward them off but with safe solutions that will not affect the growing baby. Now that the usual painkillers are not recommended when you are pregnant, you just have to turn to other ways of relieving the grueling pain. Pregnancy headaches are usually unpredictable. Sometimes they are mild while others they even wake you up. It is hard to beat the urge to grab a painkiller pill, but you will be making a grievous mistake. If you have to take any medication, it is advisable to consult your health care provider. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that will send your severe headaches during pregnancy away in a snap.

Safe solutions for severe headaches during pregnancy

  1. Understand the cause – You definitely cannot treat something you have the slightest idea about. Even doctors use symptoms to track diseases. Your doctor too, will ask you details about your health history when you visit the health care facility.  In the early stages of the pregnancy, the migraine or headaches may be because of the fluctuations in hormone levels. Other factors such as fatigue, hunger, dehydration and stress might lead to headaches. In the second and third trimesters, they may arise due to weight gain as the fetus grows. Poor posture or strain could be a cause at this time. A headache diary is something that most health specialists propose for all pregnant women. They are great diagnostic tools for severe headaches during pregnancy, both for the patient and the health care provider.
  2. Apply the best solution to each cause – If your headaches are caused or accelerated by hunger, ensure that you snack often between meals. Also, mind what gets into your plate for the overall body health and that of the unborn child. Hunger is known to cause severe headaches during pregnancy, be sure to avoid them. The pressure that is being exerted on your head at this time by your hormones is already enough. Make sure not to add insult to injury lest your head explodes.
  3. Get enough rest if you experience headaches after a hard work. Even after an easy task, it is normal for a woman who is expectant to feel fatigued. This is attributed to the hormones. Hence, it intensifies when you are handling a strenuous activity. It is important that you know when to stop working, to avoid getting a headache.
  4. If your headaches come because of thirst, drink as much water as possible. Those who deal with matters of health propose that one should take eight glasses daily to ensure that their bodies remain hydrated. This rule might be broken during pregnancy since you are losing more water through urine, in particular during the first trimester. You should fight dehydration at all costs for it is popular for causing severe headaches during pregnancy. You do not have to drink water per se; soups and other beverages are perfect supplements to your body fluid content.
  5. Have adequate sleep. Lack of sleep can cause you headaches even in normal times. Some pregnant women tend to suffer from insomnia within the first weeks after conception. This may be caused by the surge of pregnancy hormones. You can compensate for the long time that you stay awake by sleeping during the day.
  6. Go slow on your caffeine withdrawal. Now that you are expecting a baby, the motherly instinct makes you want to be extra careful. If you were taking coffee regularly, try to withdraw gradually. Most women experience severe headaches during pregnancy, owing to the abrupt withdrawal from caffeinated beverages.
  7. For tension headaches, use a hot or a cold compress and apply them on the pressure points. For migraines, rest in a dark room and if possible practice some deep breathing.
  8. If all of the aforementioned measures fail to rid severe headaches during pregnancy, it is time you paid a visit to the doctor. They will be able to screen you and get a medication that suits your condition.

Severe headaches during pregnancy are normal. Unfortunately, you cannot relieve them with the ordinary painkillers such as ibuprofen or aspirin. However, you can treat them without involving any medicine whatsoever but you must first understand what their cause is.  If all the natural remedies fail, the headaches severity increases or other symptoms such as blurred vision or numbness accompany them, be sure to consult a doctor.

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