Headache behind Eye during Pregnancy

Don’t stay in darkness, know the reasons for headache behind eye

 Headache behind Eye during PregnancyHeadache behind eye develops due to a nerve or eye disorder.  Headaches develop frequently behind both eyes or behind the left eye. Such headaches include shooting pains while moving your head or behind the eye. These are also known as ‘cluster headaches’ as they occur in cycles or clusters throughout the day. There are various reasons contributing to developing headaches behind eyes and it includes different symptoms.

Glaucoma, eye infection, eye injury or tumor, anything leading to discomfort and sharp pain causes headache behind eye. This is a common problem experienced by many. Such headaches feature a throbbing sensation and it begins behind the eye, thereby making its way to the head.

Common Causes

  • Tension Headaches: This is most common, occurring behind the eye and is known as tension headache. It gives a feel of tight band pulled and the pain is throbbing. This is due to excess eye strain, stress and lack of sleep. This is cured only with a good amount of rest.
  • Astigmatism: This is an eye problem where, the retina is in irregular shape. Owing to this, objects appear hazy as they are seen from an angle. People squint to have a clear view and this causes the eye muscle strain, leading to severe headache.
  • Long sightedness: The eyes are strained as in this disorder the object’s image is not focused on it, it falls behind the retina. So one is unable to view images properly and the eye muscles over time get weakened triggering severe headaches.
  • Presbyopia: Eye lens with age starts losing flexibility. This is the reason older people face problems in viewing closer objects. Even presbyopia is also one of the problems that cause headaches and sore eyes.
  • Migraine: Migraines are in different types. Ophthalmoplegic migraine lasts ranging from days to months and causes headache behind eye. Likewise, retinal migraine also causes stress on eye muscles and results in partial or complete vision loss. The migraine symptoms include confusion, vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to sound or light and numbness.
  • Sinusitis: People suffering with sinusitis experience pain and headache behind eye. This is a throbbing pain and radiates to the front of your face reaching the cheekbones. It is also associated with blocked nasal passages, mild fever and sore throat.
  • Orbital Inflammatory Syndrome: This refers to the inflammation of the peripheries of your eye leading to traumatizing headache. This needs medical intervention such as a CT scan to be done. There may be severe headache and pain behind the eye and this is a prominent symptom.
  • Scleritis: This leads to reddening and inflammation of the eye and this causes headache behind eye. It is also accompanied by rheumatoid arthritis and gout.
  • Optic Neuritis: This inflammation spreads in the nearby areas of the eye and causes extreme headaches. It also causes experiencing vertigo and vision distortion.
  • Cranial nerve palsies: This is caused due to periodic truncation of blood supply. The intensity is aggravated when you have diabetes. There is vision distortion as a symptom and the individual experiences vary. However, intense eye pain causes cluster headache as well with time.
  • Cluster Headaches: This headache also causes severe headache behind eye. Apart from this, it is accompanied by one side burning sensation in the nose. There is a stabbing excruciating pain felt behind the eyes and it appears for many weeks referred to as cluster headaches. This is less common and if the pain peaks it may be from 5 to 60 minutes. This is more severe than all other types of headache. The reason for this disease is not known, but is believed to cause due to deep vascular channels in the head.

How to Deal

Eye exercises. You can relieve tension headaches with eye exercises. Lie on a hard surface. Use your thumbs and reach to the skull base, then gently lean on your thumb, press into the skull base. Apply pressure and hold as long as you can without increasing discomfort. During this exercise, breathe deeply to promote increased circulation. If there is headache behind one eye, use your thumb to your skull side where there is pain.

Therapeutic treatments help chronic headaches behind eye. Massage or acupuncture therapy helps even resolving cluster headaches. Frequent sinus issues also lead to headaches and they also benefit from inhaling regular steam that breaks up the mucus collection in the sinuses. Headaches behind one eye may be consulted with your doctor. He will prescribe a series of eye exercises.

Over the counter medication reduces headache behind eye. You can take an anti-inflammatory to relax. Sinus discomfort may be resolved with a decongestant to relieve the pressure. High blood pressure headache may be resolved with over the counter medications, but by consulting your doctor.  Chronic headaches may be consulted to a doctor to ward off discomfort more effectively. Avoid taking oral contraceptives, foods high in sodium or nitrates, frozen foods, alcohol and tobacco, as they make headache worse.

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