Headache behind Left Eye

Frequently Asked Questions for Headache behind Left Eye and Some Natural Medications

Headache behind Left Eye







Being pregnant means literally undergoing a lot of headaches. This is not just a tough time for you both physically and mentally, but during the whole tenure, mothers have to bear with a lot of pain. Whether it is labor pain or headache – different kinds of sicknesses can be observed or experienced during this time. When it comes to headache during pregnancy, not just a single type but different types of headaches can be experienced. Starting from sinus or migraine pain to chronic or frequent pain due to mental stress – various kinds of headache problems have been noted amongst the pregnant women. Amongst various kinds of headache problems, headache behind left eye is a prominent nuisance.

Mainly this kind of headache occurs due to migraine or sinusitis. Judging on the nature of the headache and diagnosing the root cause behind the headache, medications are prescribed by the doctors. Rather than opting for mainstream medicines, people mostly consider Naturopathic treatments these days for safety reasons.

In the following portion of this piece of writing, we shall find causes and treatments for headache behind left eye during pregnancy. But, before going to that, let us check some frequently asked questions when headache behind eye has been triggered by sinusitis. This will enhance your knowledge and at the same time, if there are any confusions or misconceptions in your mind, the following Q & A session will wipe them out.

FAQs regarding Headache behind Eye during Pregnancy

  • Why am I experiencing headache behind eye?

Headache behind the eye can be caused by many reasons. It can be a strain on your eye due to reading or watching TV for a long time. It could be due to some internal injury as well. In general cases, if such headaches are frequent, it is considered that you are suffering from migraine or sinusitis. In most of cases of  during pregnancy happen due to migraine or sinusitis.

  • How to determine whether sinusitis or migraine?

Whether it is a sinus infection or migraine, frequent headache can be observed. While sinus headache stays for a long time, migraine headache lasts for maximum a day. With adequate rest, migraine headache can be managed, but the sinus infection needs some sorts of medications or treatments. Typically, in cases of sinus infection, running nose, little fever, etc. can be observed.

  • What causes sinusitis during pregnancy?

Sinusitis during pregnancy can be caused by common cough and cold. If you do not stay careful, you may get infected and that can lead to sinusitis problems. However, it has been noted that pregnant women are vulnerable to sinus infections due to the hormonal changes that take place inside the body. Because of increased hormonal activities, blood pressure level changes quite abruptly. This changed or increased blood pressure is contributing effects over blocking or clogging the sinus ducts of our body. As a result, nasal passage blockage also takes place.

  • What causes migraine during pregnancy?

Like sinus infection, pregnant women are also vulnerable to migraine and due to migraine, severe headache behind left eye or both eyes has been experienced. Just like sinusitis, migraine is also caused by changes in hormones, but this is not the only factor. During pregnancy, migraine also occurs due to the change in nerve paths.

  • I already have a migraine – would pregnancy makes it more severe?

It does not matter whether you already have a migraine or not, as you can opt for being pregnant in both the cases. What is interesting that if you have a history of migraine, it is actually beneficial for you during pregnancy. Due to the change in nerve paths, such women do not feel migraine problems during pregnancy and even if they have, migraine pain does not get severe.

  • What should you do when headache attacks?

It is always important to contact a specialist doctor before going for any self-medications. To heal the pain, you must NOT take any pain killers as that can be harmful for both you and your baby. Even normal migraine or sinus infection medicines would not serve purposes rather they can cause damage to your baby or can lead to miscarriages.

Some Natural Solution/Prevention Methods

If you feel headache behind left eye, you can opt for some natural solutions that will heal or ease the pain. Here are some of the important tips:

  • Take rest in a dark room – it works magically well against migraine headache.
  • Hot shower – if migraine headache attacks, hot shower is a good idea, though, in case of sinus infection it is not a good thing to do. So, if you are not sure whether you have migraine or sinus headache, avoid this method.
  • Head massage – head massaging gives the much needed relieves.
  • Hot and cold therapy – apply hot bag on the forehead and cold bag on the neck. This will surely help to attain some relief.

For instant relief from headache behind left eye during pregnancy, consult your doctor. Judging the situation and intensity of the headache, doctors advise some safe medicines to their patients.


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