Pain Relievers and Headache Early Pregnancy

headache early pregnancy

headache early pregnancy

One of the most common signs during the first weeks of pregnancy is a headache early pregnancy that can be stubborn and perennial. Naturally, you would want to go out of your way and arrest any discomfort during this sensitive period. Many a woman has sought to find a cure that will kill the pain once and for all. Before you opt for the over-the-counter options, ensure that you first talk to your doctor.  Talking to a professional ensures that you do not treat the right condition using the wrong medication and vice versa.

The dangers of Tylenol during headache early pregnancy

Over the years, both scientists and researchers have agreed on one thing, nothing is 100% safe when it comes to treatment.  This is the more reason why you should always rely on your doctor to walk you through on safer options in the market. Slow down on the over the counter medication and self-diagnosis.

According to research and studies carried out in different parts of the world, most expectant women have been known to rely on the Tylenol drug to curb headaches and minor migraines that are common during the first trimester. However, Tylenol has been discredited and therefore it is not the ideal cure forheadache early pregnancy.

The study further indicates that expectant women who depend on this drug during the initial stages could be exposing their unborn babies to the danger of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder better known as ADHD. Tylenol is not a dangerous drug per se, but the problem is that it is wrongly prescribed in most cases. Tylenol should be used to cure high fever and not headaches and migraines because a high fever is dangerous to the fetus and can trigger defects and other issues during birth.

A previous study indicated that 64% of mothers who used Tylenol to curb headache early pregnancy ended up exposing their children to ADHD as opposed to mothers who opted for other forms of medication. Therefore, Tylenol should be used sparingly and strictly with the doctor’s permission. In addition, Tylenol calls for timing. This is because the first trimester is a very sensitive stage and using this drug might be dangerous because it disrupts the formation of the nerves, hormones and endocrine of the fetus are forming.

Other drugs to avoid during headache early pregnancy

Experts cannot insist enough on the importance of relying on your doctor during pregnancy. Record your patterns on a journal and present them to your doctor every time you attend pre-natal care. The dangers of using over the counter drugs have been stated back and forth and it is only fair that you protect your unborn child by giving them the best pre-natal attention. Other drugs that might expose you and the fetus to risk include:


  • Aspirin: In some cases, aspirin has been known to relieve headaches and lower the risk of a number of complications. However, aspirin should only be taken under the strict guidance of the doctor. As much as a single dose might prove to be harmless, overdependencecould prove to be very risky.It is therefore important to avoid aspirin during the initial trimester and only use it as advised by the doctor or during severe cases and in sparing doses.Overdependence may cause miscarriage and other defects during birthas well as future defects to the growth of the fetus. The most common defect includes placental disruption.
  • Ibuprofen is harmless and an effective treatment ofheadache early pregnancyduring the first trimester. However, experts strongly advise against the use of ibuprofen after 32 weeks because the drug interferes with blood circulation causing blood clot. In some severe cases, ibuprofen can lead to excessive bleeding and miscarriage in addition to premature clogging of heart vessels in a fetus. This clogging could trigger high blood pressure in the fetus’s lungs and cause a prolonged labor.
  • Acetaminophen: This drug was once every pregnant woman’s solution to headache treatment but this changed drastically after experts linked acetaminophen to toxicity of the liver. In the recent past, various cases of overdose among pregnant women have been noted. Another study indicated that acetaminophen affects the release of thromboxane.
  • Advil: Experts advise against taking Advil as a pain reliever during headache early pregnancy. However, doctors recommend controlled doses as prescribed by a medical practitioner. Most importantly, Advil just like many other pain relievers should be strictly taken with your doctor’s nod. Just like aspirin, this drug can cause miscarriage if taken anyhow. Overdose of Advil could heighten the chances of miscarriage and trigger defects such as cleft palate. In addition, Advil can heighten the risk of delayed labor, high blood pressure and insufficient amount of amniotic fluid in the womb.

Note that pain relievers should be taken with the doctor’s nod and even then, sparingly. Your doctor will recommend a controlled dose of pain relievers for headache early pregnancy where you and the unborn baby will be put under medical scrutiny.

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