Headache Relief during Pregnancy

Headache Relief during Pregnancy – Simple and Effective Natural Prevention and Healing Methods

Headache Relief during Pregnancy Pregnancy is a challenging time for every woman as during this time, a woman has to undergo different sorts of physical strains. Vomiting tendencies, uneasy feelings and headaches are some of the common things that naturally happen to us, during pregnancy. Some of these common health distresses can be tackled or prevented with some of the effective medications or practices. In the following section of this article, we shall know about some techniques for headache relief during pregnancy.

Generally, headache during pregnancy mostly comes from tension and due to this a tight band of pain around the head can be experienced. Sometimes even pain in the back of the head as well as on the neck can be observed. However, it is better to know whether you have sinusitis and migraine problems or not. However, headache due to sinusitis can be acute and can easily be distinguished with the common headaches that happen due to pregnancy. The same thing can be said for migraine as migraine pain can be identified by the nature of pain as well as with the frequency of pain.

Headache during pregnancy can be illustrated as the pain that we often feel, due to too much stress. During pregnancy a lot of hormonal changes occur inside our body, which causes stress in the body. This is one of the most common reasons for headache during pregnancy. Apart from these, poor postures, incorrect blood circulation, dehydration, nutritional imbalance, high blood pressures, etc. are some of the common root causes for headaches during pregnancy. As we have more or less understood the causes of headache during pregnancy, now it is the time for us to discuss headache relief during pregnancy.

Prevention of Headaches during Pregnancy

Prevention is better than cure! With some simple tips and practices, you can stay away from the common headache problems that occur during pregnancy. So, here are the things to do for pregnant women to manage headaches:

  • Drink a Lot of Water – Stay Hydrated: Drinking water is extremely important during pregnancy. In most of the cases, it has been noted that pregnant women suffer from headache to dehydration. Not only headache, but lack of fluid content in the body can also lead to constipation, swelling, fatigue, etc. Even due to extreme dehydration, miscarriages or preterm labor may also happen. Eight to twelve 8-ounce glasses of water per day has been suggested by the American Pregnant Association to the pregnant women. Drink up water and stay away from the chances of headaches or other physical imbalances during pregnancy.
  • Manage Stress – Stay Happy: As mentioned earlier, during pregnancy a lot of hormonal changes happen in the body and due to that physical fatigue may take place some time. It is important to stay happy during pregnancy – wipe out all your anxieties. Always try to stay relaxed and calm. For this, read inspiring books or involve yourself in some recreational activities, where you do not have to invest much physical effort.
  • Eat Smaller at a Time – Take Frequent Meals Per Day: Empty stomach is a prominent reason behind the occurrence of headache. On the other hand, overeating is also a problem that can lead to salient uneasy feelings. So, eat smaller, but frequently to gain the much needed headache relief during pregnancy.
  • Maintain Scheduled Time for Sleeping: Sleeping is important during pregnancy and for that particular time maintenance is required. A sound sleep, as per schedule, is the key of staying fit during pregnancy.
  • Practice Meditations for Stress Management: For stress management, practicing meditation is imperative and highly fruitful. With regular meditation practices, you can attain headache relief during pregnancy.

Solutions When Headache Strikes

When a headache strikes during pregnancy, it becomes quite difficult as well as a painful  experience. Effective medications are needed in that case to manage or control the headaches. Here are some of the useful tips or solutions:

  • Cold and Hot Therapy: For headache relief during pregnancy, applying hot compress on the forehead and cold on the neck, periodically, will provide instant solutions. The hot compress relaxes muscles. Try this method for 15-20 minutes and you will surely feel better after that.
  • Take a Rest – Try Sleeping: When a headache strikes, it is always suggested to take rests. Confine yourself in a dark room and then try sleeping. After a good sleep, you will feel better and relieved from the common head pain during pregnancy.
  • Head Massage with Essential Oil: Mild head massaging with the application of essential oil will provide headache relief during pregnancy. If there is no essential or if you do not like the fragrance of essential oils, then simple head massage would serve the purposes as well.

What Not to Do?

For instant headache relief during pregnancy, many women sometimes opt for pain killing drugs. Well, if you have decided to take such medications, then consult headache medicine during pregnancying a doctor is important. Moreover, during pregnancy, do not consume drugs, like aspirin for headache relief as it can lead to fatal results for both you and your baby. It is always safe to try natural solutions for headache relief rather than opting for painkillers.

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