Headaches during Pregnancy Boy or Girl

The Common Causes behind Headaches during Pregnancy Boy or Girl?

Pregnancy is a difficult time – it is physically challenging from several aspects. In fact, Headaches during pregnancy boy or girl different types of physical challenges are faced by the pregnant women in different stages of pregnancy. While in later stage, labor pain is a prominent problem, in earlier stage, headache is a common nuisance. Morning sickness is a common thing that almost all the pregnant women undergo, and morning sickness often gets assisted by mild or strong headaches. Though, headache during pregnancy is a natural thing, when it gets severe and quite prolonged, effective solutions should be searched. Headaches during pregnancy boy or girl are not at all indications of whether you are going to have a boy or a girl. Plenty of rumors are there and one must stay away from those. If you are facing any sorts of problems or if you have some queries – always consult a doctor first!

Headache due to Hormonal Activities

Different people experience different kinds of headaches during pregnancy and that signifies that the root causes behind the headaches are different for distinguished people. It has to be taken under consideration that during the time of pregnancy, especially in the initial stages, a lot of hormonal changes take place inside your body. Due to these changes internal fatigue is developed. Because of this fatigue, we feel weak or sick, during the pregnancy period. The hormonal changes are normal processes and that is why common sickness and headache problems during pregnancy mostly occur during hormonal changes. Around 80% cases of headaches during pregnancy boy or girl take place due to the hormonal changes.

Amongst several hormones, estrogen is the most important hormone that undergoes certain changes during pregnancy. This hormone has a major role to play throughout the pregnancy period. It actually develops a communication bridge between brain and different other parts of the body. It is due to the increased activities of estrogen in the brain area, phenomenon, like headaches take place. So, headache due to hormonal activities is not an alarming situation rather it signifies that the body is acting fine internally. Such headache does not get too severe, but in time, it can get a little prolonged. Since, painkillers and aspirins feature malicious results for both mother and baby, doctors strictly prescribe not to consume them. Instead of that, the doctors suggest some medicines that are safe to be consumed during pregnancy.

For relief against headaches during pregnancy boy or girl due to estrogen hormonal activities, doctors suggest Tylenol (acetaminophen), which is considerably a safe drug for the pregnant women. The drug has been medically tested by certified medical intuitions in the USA, and through tests, it has been found that it does not result in any sorts of birth defects. However, the drug is specifically suggested in the right dosage and in the first 2-3 months during pregnancy. High dosage may enhance the chances of miscarriage, thus, be careful with the dose and follow your doctor religiously. The primary dose of the drug is typically around 4000 Mg for a day. Regular consumption of this drug is also recommended to be avoided.

Headache due to Dehydration

Dehydration is a prominent reason behind sickness and uneasy feeling, coupled with headache, during pregnancy. Ample of water should be consumed during the complete pregnancy process. Not only headache, but due to lack of water extreme labor pain and premature delivery have been noted to happen. Headaches during pregnancy boy or girl due to dehydration can become a painful saga, though by drinking lots of water, one can get rid of it quickly. In this case, headache may become severe but thankfully it does not remain prolonged.

Headache due to Migraine and Sinus

If you face chronic headache during your pregnancy, then migraine or sinus could be the possible reasons behind such nuisances. If you already have acute migraine or sinus, you must consult a doctor for the prevention measures. The best way of preventing migraine or sinus is to take ample of rests and to keep the mind as well as body rejuvenated. Stay cheerful – do not undergo loads of stresses or tensions. Chances of headache due to sinus may increase if you fall sick due to cough and cold. So, keep your protected from such things. This will help both you and your baby.

If Headaches during pregnancy boy or girl happen due to migraine, you will not be able to consume the normal medicines that you often take for migraines. In such cases, you have to depend on some natural solutions and they are:

  • A complete head massage with essential oil
  • Cold and hot therapy – apply hot bag on your forehead and cold bag on the neck to feel relaxed or relieved from headaches
  • Rest in a dark room and try sleeping, when headache strike

If the pain is unbearable, contact a doctor immediately for medications. Do not try any medicines by your own, always consult with doctor and opt for the safest possible solutions.

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