Are headaches a sign of pregnancy

Headaches Can Be a Sign that you are Pregnant!

Are headaches a sign of pregnancy? This is a common question among women across all ages.   The most common signs that nine months down the line, you will be expecting a bundle of joy, include headaches, backache, spotting and darker areolas among others.

Are headaches a sign of pregnancy

Migraines are a sign that one is pregnant. Nevertheless, there may be many causes of the headaches. They might be a symptom of other serious condition. So, when does a headache become a sign of conception?

If your menses are delayed and you know too well that you have been making out without any protection, it is recommended that you get a pregnancy test. Amenorrhea can be caused by other factors but it is an early indicator that you have conceived.  Together with these, you might have experienced the implantation bleeding, some back pains, dizziness or nausea. All these should ring a bell to you that your body is getting ready to host your unborn child. When you realize that your headaches are in the company of the aforementioned symptoms, there is no cause for alarm. The migraines that you are experiencing are normal and they will only go away during your second trimester whereas in some women they go all the way to the time of delivery.

The good thing with headaches is that they can be treated or their severity reduced by common measures. With that the question are headaches a sign of pregnancy is now covered. Nevertheless, you alone cannot be in a position to establish the cause of your headache. This is because even when one is pregnant a headache can be a symptom for another different ailment. Therefore, expectant mothers should always consult their health care providers when they encounter a headache or migraines.

Why are headaches common during pregnancy?

During the first part of pregnancy, most women experience throbbing headaches. These pains are unusual and they have a characteristic level of intensity. Usually, doctors and researchers in the medical world have attributed them to the sudden changes that your body undergoes during preparation for the growing fetus. Mostly, the pregnancy hormones such as progesterone and HCG increase in concentration. This hormonal imbalance alters the functioning of your body and this may cause you some headaches. In addition, blood flow significantly increases to feed the unborn child.

Besides these causes, there are others such as dehydration. Frequent urination is a thing you will encounter some days or weeks after conception. With your body losing a lot of water, chances are that you will fall a victim to dehydration, if you do not take more fluids. This can lead to migraines or headaches. Another known cause of head pains during early pregnancy is hunger. Although, most women tend to throw up anything they place in their mouth, it is important that you are well fed. You only need to avoid foods that will give you nauseating feelings. Lastly, when one is pregnant they tend to get tired more often than they are used to. You will find that you are getting worn out after a few minutes of activity. Fatigue is known to cause headaches in the first trimester of pregnancy. With that your question are headaches a sign of pregnancy is answered. However, it is important to know how to deal with the migraines, after all you got to enjoy this period.

 What are some of the remedies used for treating pregnancy headaches?

Most headache medications that you are conversant with including aspirin and ibuprofen are not recommended during pregnancy. However, Paracetamol is allowed but only for occasional use.  Nevertheless, before you run to the stores for a few pills attempt these safe and healthy alternatives:

  1. Establish what might be triggering your headaches or migraines. It might be out of stress, stuffy environments or strong odors. Whatever it is avoid it at all cost to be free from pain. Pregnancy can be the most enjoyable time but you have to work at it.
  2. Apply a cold compress at the lower part of the neck for tension headaches and around the face for sinus headaches.
  3. Beat the urge to get lazy. It is common for one to feel not in the mood of doing anything while pregnant. However, ensure that you are exercising regularly. This will send your migraines away.
  4. If you can afford it go to your favorite beauty parlor for a massage but where this is not an option, ask your partner to give you a massage on the shoulders and neck. These will relieve the headache.
  5. A cold shower might help. Not many people will endure some cold water falling from the shower, but it is a perfect way of treating migraines. The cold water helps to constrict the dilated blood vessels in the head.

Are headaches a sign of pregnancy? Of course, they are one of the symptoms that you are carrying a child. You can treat yourself using the above remedies. However, if they get more persistent and severe, be sure to consult a doctor.

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