Is Headache a Sign of Pregnancy? 8 Popular Causes


Is headache a sign pregnancy

Is headache a sign pregnancy? Yes, if you have been sexually active. Basically, headaches are among the first signs to be exhibited once a woman has conceived. Although a small percentage of pregnant women do not experience these discomforts, the larger population has to endure head pains for the better part of their pregnancy. What actually causes these headaches? When conception occurs, the body gets into a preparation mode for the fetus. Hormones including progesterone and HCG are released into the system at an alarming rate. These chemicals are responsible for most changes that happen to the body. They are then believed to cause headaches at this time, as the brain is placed under pressure.

Another cause for headaches during early pregnancy is the increase in blood flow, which occurs just after fertilization. As the blood increases, it forces the blood vessels in the brain to dilate. The brain finally succumbs to the pressure and you start experiencing grueling headaches. If you are struggling with the question is headache a sign of pregnancy, this should at least convince you that they are. Nevertheless, these are not the only causes of head pains in expectant women. Others such as fatigue, stress, hunger and dehydration are known to fuel tension headaches and migraines.

What are the most popular causes of headaches during pregnancy?

Certainly, is headaches a sign of pregnancy, is a popular question but what disturbs many women is the real cause of these pains. Pregnancy headaches can be because of many causes, but they are those that are more common. In addition, some causes are harmless and can be remedied fast while others are indicators of more serious problems. Here are some benign culprits:

  1. Fluctuating hormones– Pregnancy headaches have been associated with the changing levels of hormones, which happens in the first trimester. You cannot avoid these head pains but you can find relief.
  2. Increased blood flow– This is among the first things your body implements when you conceive. Blood circulation changes even in the brain, which eventually leads to headaches. This gives a positive response to the query is headaches a sign of pregnancy.
  3. Stress – Pregnancy should be a great moment for all women. However, this is not always the case, anxiety, is a characteristic of young women. Some stay for a long time before they come to terms with the fact that they will soon be mothers. Stressful moments can increase the occurrence and the severity of the headaches. It is important to avoid or reduce stress during this time.
  4. Dehydration – When you are pregnant, there is tendency to frequent the toilet more than you used to. This is an indication that you are carrying a baby. As you lose the fluids through urine, your body gets dehydrated fast. Lack of enough water in the body is known to cause headaches.  Is headache a sign pregnancy? There is no doubt it. It comes at the start of the pregnancy period and if you are unlucky, the headache might stay until you deliver your baby.
  5. Hunger – When you are hungry, your blood sugar level goes down, which causes some strain on the brain. It is normal for pregnant women to have a low appetite. This is attributed to the expanding belly, constipation and nauseating feelings that often characterize this period. Nevertheless, you should ensure that you are fed well. Whatever, gets into your bloodstream is shared between you and the fetus. This could add more weight to the positive answer towards the query is headache a sign of pregnancy.
  6. Stuffy and crowded environments – Pregnancy hormones can increase your sensitivity to smells, noise and in some instances light. You may find that frying food is becoming a bother, since you cannot stand the smell of onions. In addition, your favorite perfume might now have a disturbing scent. After a prolonged period in such environments, some women experience grueling headaches when they are pregnant.
  7. Fatigue – When a woman is carrying a child, they get fatigued so fast, even after easy chores. Fatigue is known to aggravate headaches. So, is headache a sign of pregnancy? Of course, if you cannot complete a task without taking a couple of interruptions and you are getting headaches immediately after, you might be expectant.
  8. Caffeine withdrawal – Most women when they realize that there are pregnant, they abruptly do away with their usual caffeine-laced drinks. This sudden withdrawal can lead to headaches or migraines as the body acclimatizes.

Is headache a sign of pregnancy?

It is certainly one of the first symptoms to appear after you conceive. Other causes can aggravate the condition. It is therefore important to determine what really triggers your headaches or migraines. Only after this, will you be able to get the best treatment option for the headaches. Also, you can prevent a headache, by avoiding the trigger. Most importantly, if the headaches become more intense and occur more often, pay a visit to your health care provider.

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