Is Headache a Sign of Pregnancy? Tracking Headache Triggers

Is Headache a Sign of Pregnancy?

Is headache a sign of pregnancy? Most pregnant women complain of headaches during pregnancy. Even those who get migraines report of an increase in their severity. Headaches can occur at any given time during pregnancy. However, they are usually troublesome in the first and third trimesters. In the first few weeks after conception, headaches can arise as a result of the fluctuations in hormones that your body is experiencing. As the HCG and Progesterone hormone levels increase, a lot of changes occur in your body and these are believed to cause head pains at this time. Also, blood flow is increased forcing the blood vessels in the brain to expand, which eventually leads to headaches. This may answer the question is headache a sign of pregnancy.

Is Headache a Sign of Pregnancy?

In the later stages of pregnancy, headaches or migraines are attributed to high blood pressure, bad posture and tension from the gained weight. Usually, there different types of pregnancy headaches, but migraines and tension headaches are the most common. They come in the first weeks after you conceive and might stay throughout the period. Fortunately, you can find relief from the discomforts. However, you need to first establish the real cause or the trigger of your headaches. This is not hard. You only require recording some vital details any time you experience migraines or headaches. Even when is headache a sign of pregnancy is not a question anymore, because you just tested positive you still have to determine the underlying causes, so as to treat the pains.

Before you learn how to come up with a headache diary, get to know what are the main headache catalysts. Here are some of them:

  • Cultured dairy products including aged cheese
  • Monosodium glutamate (food preservatives)
  • Nitrates and nitrites
  • Smoked fish
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Certain nuts and beans
  • Chocolate

Create a headache diary

In general terms, a headache diary is similar to a health information record but is more simplified. It is a great tool that can help you answer the question is headache a sign of pregnancy. Headaches during pregnancy are different from any other. They are more severe and frequent. Also, they are accompanied by some distinct factors that you will not experience at normal times. Here are some of the things that it should include:

  1. The start and the end time of the headache. This will help you to establish just how long your headaches or migraine takes. Some migraines will take more than 72 hours.
  2. Take note of all the symptoms that come before you experience the head pains. Headaches might occur after a hard day or after a skipped meal. Get to know when they usually strike and record it down.
  3. Record all the foods and drinks that you had taken prior to the headache. Some foods are known to trigger headaches and you will hardly know exactly what triggers your pains unless you put them down on paper.
  4. In addition, write down about any change of environment, diet or lifestyle.
  5. Last but not least, note down what accompanies your headaches. Do you vomit or experience blurred vision or speech impairment when you are experiencing a headache?

The importance of a headache diary cannot be underestimated. It helps in the question of isheadache a sign of pregnancy, is not a query anymore, and you are wondering how to deal with the grueling pain. Finding relief for pregnancy headaches is easy but only when you know the main cause. This record becomes the reference point for you and your health care provider as you try to find the right treatment plan. It also enables you to know what to avoid in the bid to minimize the occurrence of headaches in future.

Is headache a sign of pregnancy? Certainly, it is, but they might also lead to more serious problems.

When is it really necessary to approach a health care provider?

1)      When you have a severe headache that will not let you sleep. Although headaches are normal during pregnancy, you have a reason to get worried if they get worse.

2)      If the headaches or migraines are accompanied by a high fever and a stiff neck.

3)      When the headaches come together with other problems such as blurred vision, numbness and drowsiness.

4)      If you literally fell and you have this throbbing pain in your head.

5)      If you have a nasal congestion, which is accompanied by pains underneath your eyes.

6)      For those who have a history of headaches, do not continue with your medications without consulting a doctor. You may need a change of the medications or even be advised to stop.

Is headache a sign of pregnancy? With the information above, you are now convinced enough that headaches are one of the symptoms of pregnancy. To find the right course of action for the discomforts, a headache diary can help you out. It is not only important to you but also to your doctor. During pregnancy, most diagnostic tests cannot be run on you, so they might rely mostly on the information you give them.

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