Is Headache A Sign Of Pregnancy? – Tackling the Question

Is Headache A Sign Of Pregnancy

Is headache a sign of pregnancy? This question has gnawed the minds of many a woman. However, the answer to this is relative. Headache could be a sign of pregnancy but then again, it could not. In many instances, headaches are very common during the first trimester of pregnancy due to the alteration of sugar levels, blood circulation and hormones. Pregnancy aside, there are many causes of headaches and these include;

  • Hangover after a night of indulging in alcohol
  • Smoking and abuse of drugs
  • Immediate withdrawal from caffeine and nicotine
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Other ailments such as meningitis, flu and fever
  • Poor diet
  • Dehydration
  • Noisy environment
  • Too much light
  • Injury to the head
  • Overworking
  • Poor posture
  • Tension on the muscles
  • Hormonal imbalances Menstruation

Is Headache A Sign Of Pregnancy? 

Tension headaches could be a sign of pregnancy

To answer the question, is headache a sign of pregnancy, it is first important to understand that whether pregnant or not, human beings are subjected to stressful day-to-day life experiences and these factors can trigger anxiety and headaches. However, experts argue that tension headaches are the most common types of headaches among pregnant women especially during the initial trimester and as the name suggests, they are caused by anxiety and hormonal change.

According to polls, four out of every five pregnant women suffer from tension headaches in the first trimester. In some cases, this can escalate into the advanced stages. Thankfully, tension headaches are mild and tend to disappear after a while. In addition, these headaches can be treated using home remedies. Signs and symptoms of tension headaches include:

  1. Pounding and throbbing of the head
  2. Stiff neck
  3. Muscle tightness in the jaw

Tension headaches are triggered by either physical or emotional stress. As a result, the immune system, adrenaline and the breathing pattern as well as blood pressure and heartbeat are destabilized. This in turn triggers the musculoskeletal problems. Treatment of tension headaches includes ample sleeping time, proper diet, proper sitting posture, massage and exercise.

While tackling the question of is a headache a sign of pregnancy, it is important to note that perennial cases should not be treated with over the counter medication. Instead, see a psychiatrist or enroll in a stress management program. In the case of recurrent tension headaches in pregnant women, the physician is most likely to administer osteotherapy, chiropractic or physiotherapy. If tension headaches are not treated in good time, the patient is most likely to experience advanced complications such as lower threshold to pain, low levels of endorphins and the immune system becomes resistant to pain relievers.

Poor diet and headaches

In a bid to address, the questionis a headache a sign of pregnancy,it is important to understand that poor diet is one of the main culprits when it comes to headache triggers especially among pregnant women. Experts say that alteration of feeding patterns can also cause headaches. For instance, low blood sugar levels can affect the arteries that lead to the head.

Food additives and chemicals such as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and Amines are responsible for triggering headaches. Immediate withdrawal from caffeine especially for addicts can trigger severe cases of headache. Pregnant women are susceptible to hunger pangs and are therefore advised to always keep healthy snacks close by and avoid dehydration. In order to track foods that trigger headaches, it is important to keep a journal of food taken within 24 hours. Once you suffer from a headache after taking these foods, steer clear of the food for at least two weeks.

Headaches and pain receptors

In the case of pain receptors, the question is a headache a sign of pregnancydoes not really apply because, as discussed previously, headaches can attack anyone pregnant or not and the pain receptors are pretty much the same. Headache pain receptors include:

  • the nerves and muscles of the head
  • Arteries pumping blood to the brain
  • Head and neck muscles
  • Jaw and dental lines
  • Ear, throat and nose membranes
  • Nasal system

It is important to note that pain receptors can affect the surrounding membranes and nerves. For instance, a stiff neck accompanies most headaches and sore shoulder muscles. Most people also experience jaw and dental problem anytime they have a headache. In case you are wondering what the connection is, well here it is; if the muscle of the jaw seems to be too tight, this can trigger a headache. In such instances, the physician may advise bite correction that allows the jaw to reduce the tension and hence relieve the headache.

Alternatively, your physician may refer you to a dentist for intensive treatments such as occlusal splints and replacement of missing teeth. Did you know that dental abscess and tooth decay could trigger a headache and spread the pain all over your face? It is therefore important to seek medical advice and in severe dental cases, the dentist may suggest a dental surgery. Is headache a sign of pregnancy? Most likely yes, if you have been trying to get pregnant!

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