Is Headaches a Sign of Pregnancy? 1O Tips of Treating Headaches Safely

Is headache a sign of pregnancy

Is headache a sign of pregnancy? Of course, headaches can be a sign nine months down the line; you will have a bundle of joy in your hands. However, many women do not know the relationship that lies between pregnancy and headaches. To make this clearer, research indicates that most women are bound to experience headaches or migraines when there is a hormonal fluctuation in their body. Most of them have reported experiencing headaches during menstruation, pregnancy and at menopause. Pregnancy headaches are quite distinct as they are more intense and come more often. You will hardly fail to note them.

Mostly, they arise some few weeks after conception. They might affect the neck or the sides of the head. For those who have a history of migraines, they may tend to increase in severity or go away all the same. Is headache a sign of pregnancy? This question disturbs most women who are in the childbearing age. It might as well be true since your body starts reorganizing itself in the preparation for the fetus. Pregnancy-related hormones are then released into the system, which in return makes a couple of changes in the functioning of the body. Also, the blood vessels in the brain dilate to accommodate the increased blood flow, which causes more strain on the head. In the other trimesters, headaches are brought about by weight gain and bad posture.

Is headache a sign of pregnancy?

Now you are a bit convinced that it is a symptom that you are carrying a baby. How do you treat the headaches? At this time, most of the over the counter painkillers are not permitted. In addition, any other medication must be passed under the scrutiny of a trained medical practitioner before you take it. Nevertheless, there are safe treatment or avoidance strategies you can employ to calm the pains.

Here are 10 tips to ward off that headache:

  1. Always use a warm or cold compress for tension headaches. Experts say that of all the headaches that are experienced during pregnancy, tension and migraine headaches take the lion’s share. This can answer your query of is headaches a sign of pregnancy. This will only be applicable when you are at home, where a freezer or a microwave is within your reach.
  2. Take a warm shower. This will help to soothe most tension headaches. If you are in a place where you basically cannot shower, splash some cold water on your face.
  3. Keep your blood sugar up at all times. If your blood sugar fails, headaches are inevitable. Mostly, the level of sugar in the bloodstream troops when you are hungry. Ensure that you eat a well-balanced meal and in between the meals take some healthy snacks.
  4. Avoid being dehydrated. At the early stages of the pregnancy, you will have an increased urge to visit the toilet.  This is another convincing answer to the question is headaches a sign of pregnancy. This happens as the bladder is pressurized by the enlarging uterus. With the increased urination, a lot of water is lost from the body. To compensate this, make a habit of taking more fluids; preferably surpass the stipulated eight glasses daily. If you cannot stand the taste of natural water, you can simply put some flavors such as lemon.
  5. Ensure that are do not get over fatigued. Hormones that come with pregnancy are notorious for causing fatigue. You will find that you are getting exhausted even after a simple task. It is very important to learn when to stop working. Migraines are often caused by tiredness. If you realize you are having migraines, ensure to take rest in a dark room.
  6. Regular exercise can do wonders. Most pregnant always shy away from exercising. Is headache a sign of pregnancy? Of course, they are a symptom of pregnancy; this is because the hormones tend to increase tension in your body. Healthy exercises and in particular those that are meant for pregnant women can help release some of these tensions.
  7. Get a massage. As the pregnancy grows, tension is bound to build up on the neck, shoulders and the back. If you can afford a professional massage, get one to reduce the onset of headaches or migraines. Where this is a pipe dream, ask your partner to rub your body.
  8. Withdraw gradually from your coffee or any other caffeinated drink.
  9. Avoid headache triggers such as cured meats containing monosodium glutamate, nitrites or nitrates, aged cheese, artificial sweeteners and chocolate among others.
  10. Only take medication as a last resort and consult a doctor for the same.

Is headache a sign of pregnancy? Certainly, headaches are some of the very first symptoms to set in, immediately after conception. They are normal but still they need to be treated to ensure a joyous time for the mother. Nevertheless, they might get worse and if this happens, be sure to access health care services. The health care provider will be in a position to prescribe the best medication and propose a course of action that will be harmless to both you and the unborn child.

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