Natural cures for a headache

Having a headache is uncomfortable and can turn an otherwise good day into a dull one.

Natural cures for a headache

Natural cures for a headache

You may have been active one minute and then you find yourself unable to do anything because of a headache. There are many natural cures for a headache, which you can use to relieve the pain. These cures have been used through time and you can use them especially if you do not want to rely on medication. Only make sure that you know the side effects and contra indications especially if you are pregnant.

Natural cures for a headache – Some of these remedies are:

Herbal cures

These are cures based on herbs and they have proved to be useful as cures for a headache. Herbs that can be used for this purpose are feverfew, peppermint, lavender, and tea.

  • Feverfew

Feverfew is from the sunflower family and it is available in fresh and dried flowers. You can also find it in capsule and in tablet form. It is suitable for relieving migraines and it works by reducing inflammation, taking the pressure off the nerves and consequently preventing headaches. You may also choose to take it in tea. However, it may have some side effects such as ulcers in the mouth and problems in the digestive system.

  • Peppermint oil

This works by massaging it in various places such as the temples, back of the jaw and the forehead to relieve pain. It has a soothing effect, making it one of the cures of a headache. In case it is irritating to your skin, you can dilute it using water or olive oil.

  • Ginger tea

Tea made with ginger is also a good remedy since it reduces headache pain.

  • Apple cider vinegar

This is another one ofthe natural cures of a headache and other illnesses. It is used to treat the headache using steam style where it is mixed with boiling water in a bowl. You should then cover your head with a towel while bending on the bowl. This will help to tap the steam as you breathe in and out.


You may find that you have a headache because you have not eaten. It is therefore important to eat some food. In addition, other foods are good as cures for a headache, such asalmonds, cayenne pepper, vinegar, and caffeine.

  • Almonds

Almonds have chemicals, which are pain relieving and are known to reduce the tension type headaches and therefore one of the natural cures of a headache. This is due to one of its ingredients known as salicin, which is also used to manufacture over the counter painkillers. If you feel like you are going to have a headache, take a few almonds to relieve it. You should only be careful if you have a migraine since they may trigger it instead of relieving pain.

  • Cayenne pepper

The pepper is an endorphin stimulant and it is one of the cures for a headache, which you can either consume or apply topically in the nasal passages to relieve headache pain. It is helpful in treating pain and inflammation. Its effectiveness is based on capsaicin, one of the ingredients that it has which has the capability to inhibit pain perception.

  • Caffeine

The use of caffeine is good cures for a headache. Taking a cup of coffee can help to ease the pain. Some of the painkillers that used have caffeine, which helps in speeding up the effects of the medicine. Despite its good side, you should be careful since it can also cause headaches. This is if you take too much of it. In addition, if you are used to taking coffee at a particular time and you skip, you may end up developing a headache. That means that caffeine should be used with caution.

Take plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water can reduce the chances of getting a headache. This is because dehydration, which is caused by taking coffee, sugary drinks and alcohol, is a cause for headaches. It is also one of the cures of a headache since if you start to develop a headache and take water, the pain eases off. Making a habit of taking water can reduce the chances of developing a headache.


Being active can reduce the impact of a headache and therefore can be used as cures for a headache. This is because taking part in an exercise enables the body to release endorphins, which reduce the pain. It is also a good way to loosen up especially if you are doing the exercises outside where there is fresh air. You should do exercises regularly so that they can be effective, instead of doing it when you feel you have a headache. When taking part in an exercise, it is advisable to warm up first since doing strenuous activities and then stopping all of a sudden is likely to cause more headaches.

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