Severe Headaches during Pregnancy

How to Establish the Real Cause Severe Headaches during Pregnancy

 Severe Headaches during PregnancySevere headaches during pregnancy are common among many women. Usually, they come during the first weeks after conception and they may stay throughout the pregnancy. However, in some women, they go away as the pregnancy progresses. Carrying a baby has its fair share of pains. It is not easy with the nausea, fatigue and headaches. Nevertheless, you still need to be happy. Besides all the other symptoms, migraines or headaches can be a nuisance. As opposed to the casual head pains you experience during other times, these are more intense and can take even hours before they cool off.

Severe headaches during pregnancy are not harmful, but it is important to prevent or treat them. Unfortunately, most medications are not allowed such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Hence, you will have to find a safe remedy to treat your headaches or better still prevent them. It will be hard to find a solution if you do not know the real cause of the throbbing pain in your head. Also, thanks to the angel you are carrying, some medical diagnostic techniques cannot be applied to your case including CT scanning and radiology. Not all is lost though, it is time to be your own doctor, but before that learn about the causes of severe headaches during pregnancy. This will help you in coming up with the right treatment.

What causes headaches during the first trimester?

Severe headaches during pregnancy are a common phenomenon in the first stages. They are attributed to the surge of hormones together with the increased blood volume. Mostly, tension headaches are commonly experienced although some women also experience migraines. Besides, the two factors, they are also agitated by stress, hunger, dehydration, fatigue and lack of sleep. Moreover, women who have a history of migraines can notice that they are more severe and appear frequently. However, the migraines tend to subside in other women.

Causes of headaches in the third trimester

During the later stages of the pregnancy, you might experience headaches. They are usually caused by tension from the weight that you are carrying. By this time, your belly is almost round and most probably you have gained a couple of pounds. This puts pressure on the muscles at the back which often pull on the upper body muscles. In these instances, headaches are bound to occur. Another thing that causes severe headaches during pregnancy is bad posture. Owing to the weight gain, pregnant women will stay in any position just to feel comfortable. It is important, to keep a correct posture so as to avoid fatigue which can cause pain in the head. Lastly, high blood pressure in women or preeclampsia has been known to be prevalent during the third trimester in some expectant women.

Now that you know the causes of severe headaches during pregnancy, you are now in a position to make a headache diary. This is a more simplified health information record, with detailed information about your headaches. How to go about it?

How to create a headache diary?

It is simple and easy. Here are the things you should include;

  1. Specific symptoms. There are different types of headaches. Each of them has its own share of signs that are different from any other. Hence, for you to establish the real cause of the pain, take note of what comes just before the onset of the headaches. Indicate where you mostly feel pain among other signs such as sensitivity to smell or noise.
  2. Time the headache started and ended. Some headaches or migraines will take hours whereas others will go after some time.
  3. If you encounter severe headaches during pregnancy, take note of all the foods and drinks you had eaten 24 hours prior to the migraines.
  4. Write down any change that you have made before the headaches occurred including moving into a new place, changing diet, and withdrawal from caffeinated beverages.
  5. If you have tried to take any medication or applied any remedy, note down its effects.

A headache diary is a very important tool in handling severe headaches during pregnancy. It acts as a reference material for you and your doctor. It enables you to track headache triggers and therefore reducing their frequency significantly. You also get to know the right remedies for the kind of headaches that you are experiencing. For instance, if it comes between meals, you will need to snack more and eat a sufficient diet. Also, the diary gives your doctor some hints on what medication that will treat your illness, in particular now that you cannot be a candidate for any other diagnostic test. All in all, the beauty with severe headaches during pregnancy is that they can be treated or prevented. You only need to establish the underlying causes and use a safe remedy.

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