Sinus Headache during Pregnancy

Sinus Headache during Pregnancy – A Guide to the Fundamental Facts

Sinus Headache during PregnancyDuring pregnancy, a lot of physical complications may appear and one has to be extremely careful to surpass such nuisances for the sake of her own health and for the sake of the baby. Amongst different kinds of physical complications, headache is a prominent reason for sicknesses during pregnancy. When it comes to headache during pregnancy, several reasons can be spotted behind it and one of the commonest reasons for headache during pregnancy is sinusitis or commonly known as sinus. If sinus headache during pregnancy strikes, immediate medications have to be carried out and for that Naturopathic treatments are considered to be the safest for the symptomatic relieves. However, if Naturopathic treatments cannot provide the required relieves, you must contact an obstetrician for determining the best courses of actions.

Facts to Know

Over 50% pregnant women throughout the world suffer from headache problems due to sinus or sinusitis. The main reason behind this is hormonal changes during pregnancy, especially in the initial periods. Due to pregnancy, increased blood pressure on the nasal areas can be observed, which causes nasal passage blocks or congestions. As mucus does not get free passages for moving, the sinus cavities become blogged. Such situation leads to infectious conditions, leading to extreme nasal passage block, coupled with chronic headache. Sinus headache during pregnancy can easily be distinguished from other forms of headaches. In this case, pressure on the face area can be felt and even headache can be extended to behind eye pain. Such headaches are quite traumatic and may further lead to several complications. Uneasy feeling, vomiting tendencies, head swirling, etc. are some of the aftermath of headaches due to sinusitis.

In the following portion of this piece of writing, let us have a look at the various symptoms of headache due to sinus during pregnancy.

Symptoms of Sinus Headache

As mentioned earlier, sinus headache during pregnancy can easily be distinguished by its various symptoms. Mild headache problems are quite natural during pregnancy, but when a sinus headache strikes, it becomes quite a painful experience. With the advent of time, the pain continues to increase, which is a grave concern. Thus, effective treatments are required to combat sinus headache during pregnancy. But, before treatment, here are some symptoms to identify the sinus headache:

  • Pressure like pain – This is the best way of identifying sinus headache. Pressure like pain can be experienced on the face and forehead areas.
  • Blood Pressure Increase – Blood pressure increase is a common symptom of sinus.
  • Change in body temperature – Generally body temperature goes upward due to sinus attack
  • Vomiting tendencies – due to sinus attack, pregnant women may face vomiting tendencies.
  • Swollen nasal passage.
  • Running nose.
  • Pain behind eye is almost a definite symptom of sinus headache during pregnancy.
  • Physical and mental fatigue.

Analyzing the different symptoms, and carrying out the tests, doctors can diagnose the real headache cause during pregnancy. If the root cause is sinus, then effective medications have been suggested by the doctors. However, prescribing effective medicines for sinus during pregnancy is a little difficult. For the safety of both mother and baby, general medicines are not suggested. Instead of them, different medicines are suggested and at the same time, patients are encouraged to follow the natural medications for sinus relief during pregnancy.

Over the Counter Medicines for Sinus during Pregnancy

To combat sinus during pregnancy, several over the counter medicines can be suggested and Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS) has some guidelines to offer for the pregnant women in this matter. According to Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS), over the counter medicines that possess pseudoephedrine increase the risks of birth defects to a significant level, especially during the trimester. However, after that time span, Pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine are considered to be safe for both the mother and baby. The chances of miscarriages or birth defects are quite minimal for these medicines, if they have been consumed with proper dosage. OTIS further recommended that women should avoid the combination of medicines and instead of that should consider buying medicines that may consist of pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine. Antihistamine nasal sprays and decongestant are not recommended to the pregnant women.

Naturopath for Sinus Relief

To gain relief from sinus headache during pregnancy, Naturopathic treatments should be tried, as they are not harmful and at times, they can prove to be highly effective. When a sinus headache strikes, you can consider trying the following tricks:

  • Head massage – This is an effective way of gaining positive relieves instantly.
  • Head spa sessions – it cools down your nerves and provide your relaxing feeling. Blood circulation gets to the normal acts again and thus pain relief can be attained.
  • Cold and hot bag application periodically on the forehead can provide the much needed respite from sinus headache during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a critical time and during this time, a lot of physical changes take place. It is important to stay safe by considering right medications, while improper medications may lead to salient harmful effects. Thus, consult a doctor even before considering any natural medications for sinus or any other problems during pregnancy.

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