Third Trimester Headaches

Third Trimester Headaches  – First Time Pregnant? Know About Third Trimester Headaches and be Prepared

Headaches in the first trimester are not unusual. These are not the usual tension third trimester headachesheadaches, you may be susceptible to. Carrying a child makes your body undergo various changes and this result in pregnancy headaches. The first trimester disappears or diminishes during the second trimester with the hormones stabilizing. However, the third trimester headaches are troublesome. Moreover, the irony is that this headache strikes, at the time when you cannot take painkillers.

Experiencing severe headaches during pregnancy is common and is also the most discomfort experienced. They occur at any time during the pregnancy, but the tendency is more in the first and third trimesters. On the other hand, some women suffering migraines report to have improved during pregnancy, while some have an aggravated experience.

The third trimester headaches are common due to the combination of many changes taking place in your body. This includes hormonal changes, alterations to blood circulation and lower blood sugar levels. There are some unfortunate women experiencing headaches for the entire pregnancy period of nine months. The headaches are more severe when there are visual disturbances in association and this may be a sign of a problem such as high blood pressure. It is best to consult your health care provider for medications.

Other causes for third trimester headaches include one or more of these:

  • High or low blood sugar
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Caffeine withdrawal
  • Dehydration

Headaches in the third trimester are also related to poor posture and tension owing to carrying extra weight. Third trimester headaches also include conditions such as preeclampsia, this is referred to as pregnancy stages high blood pressure.

Other reasons triggering severe headaches in the third trimester

  • Menstruation Cycle: one of the key reasons for headache is due to hormonal changes taking place, during, before or after menstruation.
  • Chemical Agents: Food also is one of the reasons triggering headache. The naturally occurring chemical presence triggers headaches in some women during pregnancy. These include aged cheese, caffeine, chocolates, alcohol and red wine. In fact, headaches may be experienced as symptoms of withdrawal of coffee, tea or alcohol.
  • Physical and Psychological stress: Your neck, scalp, shoulders and jaw contract due to anxiety, depression and stress causing headache. Performing an activity, keeping your head in one position also causes headaches, such as watching the computer for long hours. Even activities such as grinding your jaw, sleeping in an odd position, sleeping or sitting in low temperature conditions leads to headaches.
  • Too much or too little of sleeping: This may also cause headaches when you sleep too little or too much. Sleeping for more than 8-9 hours means your other organs and kidneys keep functioning and this increases the toxin level and other waste products in your body.

Another big reason is that while sleeping we do not urinate and also do not drink water, thereby increasing the toxin levels and due to the fluid intake decrease, it causes headaches.  If it causes dehydration, there is high pressure on the meninges on the part covering the brain and so it causes severe pain.

  • High blood pressure: This is the root cause to experience headaches. So it is right to check pressure regularly.

 Remedies to assist pregnancy headaches

  • Good rest: Overtiredness cause headaches and the best is to grab a few daytime naps and also some early nights into your schedule. If possible, even at work, try to shut your eye for 10 minutes, especially, in case there is a rest room. Another valid note is to set the alarm in your mobile to ensure you wake on time.
  • Eat regularly: Eating small meals and snacks at regular intervals helps than having large meals a day. This solves the heartburn and indigestion problem and also keeps the levels of blood sugar even. This in turn prevents headaches to a great extent.
  • Keep drinking: Less drinking cause dehydration and headaches. It is mandatory to drink fluids in plenty around eight glasses a day. Headache may also be due to the sudden withdrawal of the regular caffeine you had been taking beforehand. In such cases, either bear the headache or gradually cut down the caffeine. However, drink lots of water, it is the best drink during pregnancy.
  • Practice relaxation: Techniques for relaxation include self-hypnosis and meditation. You get respite from headache with such relaxation techniques and this is of immense use in labor.
  • Get some exercise: Walking or breathing some fresh air is required to put off a mild headache. However, practicing yoga or some gentle swimming will certainly help.
  • Take a bath: You can immerse in a little cool water to relieve headache.

Keeping a diary is a must to note if you are experiencing regular headaches. This will give you a clear idea of what you ate, drank or had a late night to trigger headache. Knowing the reason for third trimester headaches helps in resolving.

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