What Can You Take for Headaches while Pregnant

Drug Medicines for Headaches during Pregnancy – What Can You Take for Headaches while Pregnant?

Headaches during pregnancy are not really uncommon rather 90% of the pregnant women suffer from such physical troubles. Often headaches take place during the first three Drug Medicines for Headaches during Pregnancy months of pregnancy. In this time span, frequency of headaches has been noted to be higher than the rest of the pregnancy period. To get rid of such headaches, different people come up with different ideas. It is always good to undergo natural treatments to prevent or to get rid of such troubles. However, when the pain becomes severe, doctors often advise commercial drugs for instant or fast relieves. If the question is – what can you take for headaches while pregnant? The as an answer, name of acetaminophen will come. This is considerably the safest over-the-counter pain medication that pregnant women can consume for pain relief.

Acetaminophen, also known as Tylenol, is one of the fastest drugs to consume and this is available throughout the world. According to Organization of Teratology Information Services, acetaminophen is safe to be consumed and it does not result in miscarriage. Even, through medical tests, it has also been ascertained that this drug does not have any malicious effects on the baby – healthy and normal babies born if the mother consumes Tylenol during her pregnancy period to get rid of headache. However, it is safe till a certain dosage and exceeding that dosages may bring in some concerns or complications. Thus, before consuming it, always consult a specialist doctor.

Dosage of Tylenol

As we have already learnt that Tylenol is a clear answer to the questions what can you take for headaches while pregnant. However, limited consumption of this drug is often suggested for safety reasons. This means encouraging yourself to go for more natural solutions than consuming drugs. When headache becomes really unbearable and when major health concern of the mother has been observed, doctors suggest a specific dosage of Tylenol. The typical suggested dosage for Tylenol is 4000 mg in a day. Overdose of this medicine will result in severe side effects and mostly kidney as well as liver damages have been observed.

Why Tylenol Is Safe?

Several over-the-counter pain relief medicines are there and most of them contain acetaminophen, which is harmful to the pregnant women and their babies. Such regular pain killer medicines for headaches also include aspirin, caffeine, etc. These are also harmful for pregnant women and consuming such drugs during pregnancy may lead to miscarriages. If not miscarriage, then severe health damage to mother and baby can be caused by these regular drugs. On a vivid contrast, Tylenol does not contain such damaging ingredients. Thus, there is no chance for severe health issues and miscarriages. Furthermore, a team of researchers at the American Academy of Pediatrics has found that this drug is easy to be shoved from the body through sweat, urination, etc., if it has been taken in the right dosage. Since, the residue easily gets out of the body, breast milk of mothers also remains safe for the babies. Only a very small amount of residue accumulates in the breast area and that is not harmful for your baby.

Ibuprofen – Another choice of drug

If you are seeking – what can you take for headaches while pregnant? Apart from Tylenol, another choice of drug is there for you and that is ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is also known as Motrin, Nuprin and Advil. According to studies, it is a safe drug to consume, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. In case of later stages, it is not really suggested for its dubious results in some cases. This drug is side effects free apparently and consuming it does not lead to miscarriages. However, there are a few researches, which exactly opine differently than mentioned earlier. In some cases, consuming this drug has been noted to increase the chances of miscarriages.

Keeping both aspects in mind, doctors do not generally prescribe this medicine to the patients, but in some cases, it miraculously works against headaches. If you ask – what can you take for headaches while pregnant? Doctors would answer to take ibuprofen first two trimesters of pregnancy only. Using this medicine after that time span is risky as it enhances birth defect rates. It also has some mild side in offering, especially to those, who are highly sensitive or allergic against the drug medicines. Apart from allergic reactions, heart and lung problems have been noted after the consumption of this medicine.

A Drug Combination – Another effective Medicine

Apart from the aforementioned drugs, there is another drug combination that is what can you take for headaches while pregnant. The combination that we are talking about is called MAD in short. It is basically a combination of metoclopramide and diphenhydramine (MAD). This medicine has been suggested by doctors, when acetaminophen fails to provide relieves from headaches during pregnancy. A team of researchers at the Annual Clinical Meeting of The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has tested this drug combination. From the tests, it has been found that this drug combination is safe if it has been applied on specific dosage. For dosage, one must consult with specialist doctor.

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